VERSE - Neuer Song (The Selfless of the Earth)


VERSE streamen einen neuen Song, The Selfless of the Earth, von ihrem neuen Album. Angehört werden kann er hier hier

und die Lyrics gibt es hier:

"Do not, for one second, think that you will escape the same hell as me."
She never wished that on anyone. Watching her life unfold in a new one was a dreary thought that crushed all hope of the future; a conclusion to escape personal responsibility: the underlying fear within you and I. A false sense of hope, lingering underneath all transcending doubt, still shines. The masochist in all of us forces a divide. The broken home passed on, guilt, more or less, is our connection worldwide.This is something we can't deny to ourselves, only to others. The lesson: knowing that you are always freer than someone else. To her this is the truest form of empathy and something that must never leave us. This is the key to keeping dignity between "us" and "them". The predetermined alpha and omega path of men that serves to conquer and destroy all that is within should be considered manufactured. There is no true wealth; nothing, when it comes to money, spent. So, here's another lesson from a broken home passed on:

“In love;
power is temporary.
In love;
pain is reactionary.”

Her love will never slip away.
Everything she has, she gives to me.

Unarguably promoted to saint-hood in my mind, whatever that means. We are talking about something that came from nothing; a squandered breath that gave me a strong ocean breeze. Inspiring every thought to have the past put into consideration. Even if I’m not willing to admit it to the world.

“I am nothing without all of you.”

"Take these gifts and live, they will protect you until you're ready to die."

A life too low to live. A life too high to die. The broken home passed on is her little way of putting some kind of delicately balanced twist on a typical tale, our tale. We will sit awestruck with thoughts of what any rational person would consider impossible and nearly useless.
Even still, these are the gifts we need, the gifts we deserve.

Everything she has, she gives to me: love, misery, and all things in between that give us all the chance to see our own potential to be patient lovers, or irrational monsters.

She has taught us that this very potential, is the thread that weaves the warm blanket that we will use to comfort and cover, or strangle and blind.

If it takes retrospect to manifest this realization, then we will find the time to find truth. A hero's return to the giving nature that is somewhere in all of you.

Alte Kommentare

von Sascha 18.05.2012 11:07

Sie können's noch - mega-gut!

von finn 19.05.2012 14:08

netter song, mach lust auf mehr. das classic-rock-gitarren-solo ist bombe!

von lol 19.05.2012 15:47

die haben wohl nich mehr soviel geld -> reuniooon

von lol 2.0 19.05.2012 22:11

du hast wohl keine hobbies ->hateeen!

von lol 3.0 20.05.2012 11:42

wer is der größere hater? der hater oder der hater der den hater hatet? denk mal drüber nach ;)

von lol 4.0 20.05.2012 19:10

der hater. for sure.

von Lover 20.05.2012 19:38

Großartige Band mit einem hervorragenden Song !