\'Viva La Bands, Vol 2\' - Tracklist online


"Viva La Bands, Vol. 2" wird am 3. September via Ferret Records und Filthy Note Records erscheinen. Es werden unter anderem exklusive Tracks von CLUTCH, IN FLAMES, CKY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, VIKING SKULL oder VAINS OF JENNA zu finden sein.

Bam Magera hierzu:
"I'm so fucking psyched that some of my favorite bands recorded exclusive songs this time around! CLUTCH and IN FLAMES fucking rock and my brother Jess did a sick CKY remix. Obviously THE SOUNDS are one of my favorite bands — my wife even insisted that they play our wedding. I also sent the first band I signed, VAINS OF JENNA, into the studio to record a new track for the record."

Zur DVD hat Bam folgendes zu sagen:
"I'm finding some of my best, unused footage for the DVD. Everyone keeps asking me for a CKY5 but I think this DVD might be the closest thing to that!"

Hier die Tracklist:

01. CLUTCH - "King of Arizona" *
02. IN FLAMES - "Abnegation" *
03. CHILDREN OF BODOM - "Tie My Rope" *
04. CKY - "Rio Bravo" (Remix) *
05. THE SOUNDS - "Ego" (Alan Moulder UK Mix)
06. SHINY TOY GUNS - "Rocketship"
07. BLOODHOUND GANG - "Screwing You On The Beach At Night" *
08. GWAR - "War Is All We Know"
09. THE 69 EYES - "Shadow Of Your Love"
10. PRIESTESS - "Lay Down"
11. DIMMU BORGIR - "The Serpentine Offering"
12. KILL HANNAH - "Believer"
13. VIKING SKULL - "Blackened Sunrise" *
14. VAINS OF JENNA - "Enemy in Me" *
15. A LIFE ONCE LOST - "Firewater Joyride"
17. MELODY CLUB - "Take Me Away"
18. THE THIEVES - "Vacant Thoughts"
19. MALEVOLENT CREATION - "Buried In A Nameless Grave"
20. GNARKILL - "Dico At The Piano Bar"


1. Idiot Olympics
2. Hennessy and Sugar Water
3. Mustard A**
4. Let’s Shred
5. Late Night Snack
6. A** Wipe
7. Don’t Piss on Vito
8. Rake’s Cake
9. Hob Knob
10. Calling Work Coach
11. Pond Scum
12. Geoff Rowley Nature Boy
13. Calling Sh**goose
14. Montage #2
15. Senor Dico’s Spanish Lesson
16. Making of “Blackened Sunrise”
17. Viking Skull video