WALLS OF JERICHO - Studio-Update


Die Band nimmt momentan ihr neues Album auf und hat ein kleines Update gepostet:

"First off before I even get started let me say that Ben Shiegel is a munch. With that said he is doing a damn fine job at the helm. We came here with songs and he insists on working on them for hours and hours til they become "tunes". We showed up in cleveland on friday and got right to work. We are about half way done with the drums at this point and everything is goin good. Tones are sweet and so far our songs rule. Its always different to hear them coming together after bangin em out in practice for a few months and we couldn't be more happy. The songs may be a little bit different but lots of energy and definitely still kinda tough, although we were never that tough to begin with. We should be done with drums on friday or so and then start on bass or guitars or some shit. sweet.

anyways, we'll keep you posted as more progresses. until then......"