WORMROT - Verhaftet in Kuala Lumpur


WORMROT wurden Silvester in Kuala Lumpur verhaftet.

Hier das Statement der Band:

"New Year's Eve show in Kuala Lumpur was AWESOME!!! Thought we could rest after the show before heading back to Singapore the next day... SO WRONG. We were detained in two police stations for two hours since 3am by the JAIS - Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) after they raided the hotel we were staying at, because of the Islamic law stating that unmarried Muslim men and women are not allowed to be in one room. There were seven of us (four boys and three girls) in that room getting ready to chill downstairs at the lobby... They tried to fine us 3000RM ($950 USD) each as well if our organizer didn't call his lawyer, bail us out and the fact that we are foreigners. All I can say is, AWESOME show, great food, and being detained in the police station... Damn! What a way to start 2012!"

"Please do not think badly of the religion. Every religion is peaceful. In every religion, there's always some people who are extremists. Don't condemn the religion just because of these jokers. Multi-racial, multi-culture with the same interest - music."

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