Wake Up And Smell The CARCASS


"WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CARCASS" ist eine CARCASS Compilation mit rarem Material, unreleasten Tracks und einer DVD welche nun vie Earache veröffentlicht wird:

The WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CARCASS CD contains 17 rarities from different eras of CARCASS' career, including five killer extras from the SWANSONG period, Radio One Session tracks and rare EP cuts. The accompanying DVD features two complete live shows - one filmed in London, UK on the 1992 on the Gods Of Grind Tour and one filmed in Nottingham, UK on the 1989 Grindcrusher Tour. The DVD also includes five music videos from the band.


13 Jun 2009 - Bergum, Netherlands - Waldrock Festival
28 Jun 2009 - Monza, Italy - Gods Of Metal
03 Jul 2009 - Leipzig, Germany - With Full Force Festival
19 Jul 2009 - Kiev, Ukraine - ProRock Festival
14 Aug 2009 - Derby, UK - Bloodstock Open Air
12 Sep 2009 - Moscow, Russia - 1Rock