YELLOWCARD - Pause auf unbestimmte Zeit


YELLOWCARD Frontmann Ryan Key hat in einem Interview mit The Minaret verkündet, dass seine Band auf unbestimmte Zeit pausiere:

"We are calling it an "Indefinite Hiatus." After this tour, so, I don't know. It could be a year, 10 years, or 6 months. It's been an interesting time in this business and our record label. It's just. We kind of need a break. I think it appears everything is ok on its surface but we definitely need a little bit of time to figure out our personal lives.

It doesn't have anything to do with turmoil in the band. It's more of a, facing adulthood now, and we can't stay in Neverland forever. You know what I mean. I think we just need a break. Hopefully we will get back to making another record sometime, if not it may be our last but we don't really know."