Glassjaw - Everything you ever wanted to know about silence



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Glassjaw - Everything you ever wanted to know about silence


Ich habe das Review ursprünglich für mein anderes Zine Disfunction geschrieben, deshalb ist es in Englisch. Naja jedenfalls wollte ich die Glassjaw Sachen eh mal auf Allschools tun, weil die da auch gut drauf we go:
Well, everything I ever wanted to know about silence? Nothing! And that's why I feel pretty comfortable with this has nothing to do with silence.

And that's something that Glassjaw prove with the start of the first song: "Pretty Lush" doesn't simply start, it brakes out with an emotional attack channeled in music. And that's something like a concept behind this CD. Glassjaw perfectly combine rough screamy noisy parts within a break with very melodic parts or with groovy mosh riffs. This CD is full of surprises, in nearly every song there is at least one unexpected break. And that's what makes this band pretty special to me. But this CD takes a while until you'll learn to appreciate it as it's very variant and complex. And don't expect it to be a relaxing CD...this one's pretty stressy.

Also lyrics wise there is lot's of emotion to be heard and read: very personal lyrics about gone relationships (I'm not sure if I interpreted them right) and other stuff.

Summary: Imagine being in a musical kitchen and mix the following ingredients: the complexity of Incubus, the emotion of Boy Sets Fire and the agressiveness of the Deftones "Adrenaline" you go with Glassjaw!

Reza wrote:
Glassjaw are one of the best post-hardcore bands around today. There is no denying it. The first time I heard this album I was floored. Quite simply as frontman Daryl Palumbo says that ‘if you don’t like it then you simply haven’t had your heart broken’ and that’s who the album is for and what its about. Broken hearts and failed relationships are the theme of the day and you guessed it, it is an emo type record. However before you go running for the hills, this is not the soppy emo produced by the likes of Saves the Day and The Promise Ring, but gut wrenching anger and frustration kind of like what Poison the Well churn out. This will hopefully help to dispel frankly ridiculous rumours that Glassjaw are a Nu-metal band in the vein of The Deftones. Soundwise they sound like a cross between Quicksand, Fugazi and even a touch of Faith No More. The lyrics are raw and uncompromising and come straight from the gut, ‘I don’t give a fuck about your dignity, that’s the bastard in me’ as well as ‘You can lead a whore to water and you can bet she'll drink and follow orders’. Harsh to say the least and has lead frontman Daryl into trouble with accusations that he’s an misogynistic prick, which blatantly aren’t true, but are just about the women who have screwed him over the years. Glassjaw are a band that is going places, especially as they didn’t disappoint on their follow up effort ‘Worship & Tribute’ which manages to be even better! All this indicates that these boys are going to be around for quite a while yet and that’s alright to me.

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von yYy 02.09.2007 10:36

Meisterwerk!!!! Bitte Simone und Ploedi sofort die Tastaturen unter der Hand wegreißen, selten so dämliche Reviews gelesen, vorallem von Simone.

von FKK 02.09.2007 19:33

Für mich ebenfalls ein Meisterwerk


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