Superstatic Revolution / Submerge -  10101010101



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Superstatic Revolution / Submerge - 10101010101


First up is Superstatic Revolution who are like a sheer wall of noise coming out at you, with a complexity that makes Converge sound positively conventional. There is a whole range of things going on here. From emo to metal to hardcore and beyond! It is therefore hard to pin down what it sounds like and is performed very chaotically and with a real sense of disregard and recklessness that shows a band who are definitely not wanting to be pigeonholed or categorized. This can make for difficult listening at times but makes you want to check it out further and is therefore probably the better band on offer here. Not so complex or anywhere near as interesting is Submerge, who play some very average metal-core, in the style of the aforementioned Cain. After the unpredictable genius of Superstatic Revolution, it is something of a letdown to return to the same old boring death metal meets HC formula which I’ve heard a million times before. There is nothing particularly distinguishable or interesting about Submerge that warrants more than one listen. So a good CD to check out some truly inventive music courtesy of Superstatic Revolution but not much else.


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