Biohazard - Urban Discipline



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Biohazard - Urban Discipline



‘It’s a motherfucking homicide, just desserts, shotgun pointed right where it hurts’. These are the opening lines of this Biohazard’s 2nd and best album. It’s strange to think that their hardcore peers view them with a certain degree of contempt, especially when you consider the many classics available on this album. From the aforementioned opening track, ‘Chamber spins three’, to the rerecorded ‘Hold my own’ at the end, at no stage is there any let up in the blue collar/working class fury on display here. Every song is an anthem for the disaffected made by tattooed street fighting men. Among the many classics on display are ‘Punishment’ which garnered them some MTV airtime on Head bangers Ball, to ‘Black and white and red all over’ which puts an end to the absurd rumour that Biohazard were Nazi’s, (especially when half the band are Jewish!), to the best ever cover I’ve heard of Bad Religion’s ‘We’re gonna die for our own arrogance’. Ignore what the hardcore purists are telling you and go buy this album. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


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