Biohazard - s/t



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Biohazard - s/t



This self-titled debut from back in 1990 is probably one of the most overlooked and least well known of Biohazard’s albums. Which is a shame as there are some gems to be found here. You can hear their hardcore metal/rap fusion in its earliest stages, especially on the likes of ‘Hold My Own’ and ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’, which though good, sound better on the aforementioned ‘Urban Discipline’ CD. Both ‘Blue Blood’ and ‘Howard Beach’ pack a mean punch and are definately the best songs on this album. Last song ‘Scarred for life’ is reminiscent of ‘Love Denied’ from ‘State of the World Address’ not only in the piano led intro, but also in the length and position on the album, (They are both the last songs on their respective albums). Though far from being their best work, this is nonetheless an album any hardcore Biohazard fan will enjoy.


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