Black Flag - My War



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Black Flag - My War



What can you say about Black Flag that hasn't already been said? Long before Bizkits and Korns, we had bands like Black Flag. Black Flag's influence on today's music scene is undeniable, everyone from Pennywise to Eyehategod acknowledge the outstanding legacy that these legendary LA Punks have
had on their work. This is by far their best album. As dark and menacing as anything Slipknot could ever dream up, and they didn't need ridiculous masks or boiler suits either! The album has a disturbingly dark theme running through it. Whereas Damaged was more direct and in-your-face, My War in comparison is a far subtler though no less bludgeoning effort. This is a fine starting point for anyone wanting to get into these legendary LA Punks. It has everything from the hardcore punk rock of the title track to the almost Sabbathy doom protosludge of the last three tracks. This is the soundtrack to your worst nightmare.


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