Dead Serious - It\'s What You Can\'t See



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Dead Serious - It\'s What You Can\'t See



The album appropriately starts off with the quote ‘I love these moments of quiet before the storm’. Before kicking into some incredibly fast melodic Hardcore punk in the style of Shelter, H2O, Reach The Sky and a touch of Good Riddance. It’s clear that these guys have a wicked sense of humour by what they call their songs, ‘Yeah my pussy hurts too’, ‘Smile you yellow toothed bastard’ and ‘I break hearts and heads’. However lyrically speaking they are ‘dead serious’(no pun intended!) and are certainly not afraid to speak their mind! ‘you’re a fucking waste, and it makes me proud to see your face dissolve in the crowd’, ‘I’m no worse than you I know about your past, so take your opinions and shove them up your ass’. The music is pretty relentless and hardly pauses for breath, just how I like it! There is no room for subtly on this album either lyrically or musically and it’s quite clear that these guys are quite upset at something. However despite the definite lack of variation on offer here, there is definitely a melodic catchiness to this album, which maybe due to the Good Riddance/punk influence. In fine HC tradition the album is over before you know it, just as it was with Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today (They covered Flame still burns after all) which shows that Dead Serious have got one foot in the past as well as the present. Really impressive.


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