Die My Demon / 50 Caliber - Splitting // Ammunition



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Die My Demon / 50 Caliber - Splitting // Ammunition



This is a spilt effort between Die ...My Demon and 50 Caliber. First up is Die ... from Germany who play a brand of no nonsense street HC which brings to mind a Sick of it All and a slight Biohazard influence. You have the heavy basslines of SOIA plus Biohazard style Hardcore metal with thrash style riffs mixed in with very fast HC drums which remind me a little of State Of The World Address era, with its street, urban style lyrics.. This is reasonably solid stuff. Next up is EnglandÕs 50 Caliber. Hooray yet another band from the UK! I'm gonna try and not be biased on this one! These guys have more songs on this spilt effort. 5 to DMD 4. The first track Beautifully Weak takes a while to get going with samples and feedback taking up at least 2 minutes. Musically it is a lot more complicated than DMD straight out HC. It has all the complexities of Converge as well as the more metal leanings of Avenged Sevenfold. The songs are slightly longer as well and for that reason more memorable than DMD. See I said I wasn't gonna be biased! This is a pretty good compilation from two up and coming bands who are worth checking out.


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