Max Rebo Kids - Ciphers



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Max Rebo Kids - Ciphers



Owke, what can i say? i listened to this cd countless times in the last two weeks and i´m still not tired from this record.
The style max rebo kids are playing is very easy to describe: asskickhardcore - far away from any metal influences, but
also not too much old school. just hardcore. There are 11 songs on the full length and all of them are high quality songs
- not one song that wouldn´t kick my ass. All of the songs are quite fast, but with fat mosh parts and some melodic
breaks and what´s very important to mention: the singer´s voice: I haven´t heard so much passion and energy for a long
time. Additionally to their own superb song these kids recorded a cool coverversion of skid rows "youth gone wild" that
rocks my stereo at home all day long. The production of this record is very powerful, too - the sound is really good and
an essentiall part that this record rocks this much. The lyrics deal with personal topics as well as with political issues
and the artwork is done in a very cool way, too. Check out this amazing young band - these kids will rock your parties
and are one of germoney´s biggest newcomers 2k2.


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