Rollins Band - Hot Animal Machine/Henrietta Collins & the child beating



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Rollins Band - Hot Animal Machine/Henrietta Collins & the child beating



Up until recently I had always been sceptical of The Rollins Band. Not of the multi-talented Henry Rollins himself, but of the soft good-time MC5 style boogie of latter day albums ‘Get Some Go Again’ and ‘Nice’. That was the problem, these albums were too ‘Nice’, (Pun intended). These albums left me feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. I wanted Henry howling like a caged animal again. So I decided to give old Hank another chance and see if he could redeem himself, and my god did he! Far from the MTV dross of his latter albums, this was a sucker punch to the head. What you get here is the type of Black Sabbath influenced Hardcore metal that the mighty ‘Flag were
putting out, post-Damaged. All be it with a slight Blues/Rock n’roll influence. It resembles a cross between ‘My War’ and ‘In My Head’. Lyrically speaking Henry hasn’t lightened up, in fact he’s just got darker! Focus on his usual subjects fear, alienation and despair, show that he hasn’t entirely exorcised all his demons just yet. The version of this album I picked up even included the Henrietta Collins and the wife-beating child haters, ‘Drive-by shooting'since ep. For those who don’t get Rollins’ own particular brand of black humour, this ep could come across as quite offensive and shocking. Songs like ‘Hey Henrietta’ where he sings about a person raping and murdering a policewoman and ‘I have come to kill you’, which sends up Queen’s ‘We will rock you’ to hilarious effect. It uncovers at the same time the sick underbelly of American Society. I have been converted to the church of Henry.


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