Spidercrew - A Menace Ta Society



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Spidercrew - A Menace Ta Society



The Austrian 25talife anyone? Yes the similarity to that band is undeniable. Not SO much vocally and musically (though there are similarities), but more minor things such as the use of TA in the title of the album, and DA in one of the song titles. The photo layout in the album booklet is also of a very similar design to that contained within 25talife’s ‘Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment’ CD. Undoubtedly these dudes owe a huge debt to Rick and the 25 crew. Surely it’s no coincidence that they are thanked in the sleevenotes? That aside lets focus on the album itself. Whilst there are similarities vocally and musically to 25talife, they remind me not of just obvious bands such Agnostic Front and Madball, but Skarhead with their good time HC sound. Again as with NAOP’s ‘Hard to Deny’, this isn’t the most original piece of work, but it’s attitude and determination more than make up for it.


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