The Red Scare - Eight Pieces of Summer



Release Date: 01.01.1970

The Red Scare - Eight Pieces of Summer



Emo seems to be all the rage these days and The Red Scare is no different. A three-piece from Vancouver whose drummer sings the main vocals however is a tad more unusual. This is a follow-up to their 2001 self-titled album. They even produce their own records. It’s pretty clear that these are a pretty self-sufficient group of lads who do things their way. Although they are clearly an emo band, it is quite difficult to compare them to anyone as they have quite an unusual and unique sound to them. Which in today’s musical climate is quite an admirable feat in itself. If I was to try and compare them The Get Up Kids or Sunny Day Real Estate come to mind. Even slight touches of The Lemonheads as well. It is quite poppy and upbeat and won’t necessarily appeal to your average Earth Crisis fan but can be quite rewarding if taken on it’s own merits. This is an eccentric little CD well worth checking out, if anything for the novelty value.


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