Weekly Carouse - Too Old To Live Too Young To Die



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Weekly Carouse - Too Old To Live Too Young To Die



Sounding not entirely dissimilar to the brand of 'new punk' being peddled out by the likes of NOFX, Vandals with a slight Good Riddance influence, these guys kick up quite a racket. Yep this is latter punk rock california style. If your into any of those bands, then there's every chance you'll like this. Inoffensive vocals, fairly speedy guitars and drums, with a faint hint of ska, this is pure punk rock, and not may I hasten to add HC in any way. Those of you expecting Hatebreed or Agnostic Front are going to be bitterly disappointed. While certainly not a bad album, the songs tend to blend in together after a while and sound the same. It's the type of music you could expect on your average Warped or Deconstruction tours, or even for the next instalment of the next Tony Hawk's Pro skateboarding game for the PS/2. The songs aren't particularly memorable either as the lack of variation doesn't help in holding your attention. The one time when they shack things up a bit with the title track (and that's the last song on the album and is an acoustic effort) is so short at only 47 seconds and never really goes anywhere that you wonder why they bothered. Overall a reasonably competent release but nothing which makes it stand out from the hordes of countless other bands who are churning out the same sort of stuff.


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