Rentokiller - Antidote



Release Date: 01.01.1970

Rentokiller - Antidote



This is a stopgap EP as it were, which will precede the forthcoming debut CD due sometime in December this year. What keeps us busy meanwhile is a mixture of Converge mixed in with a touch of Dillenger Escape Plan, thrown in for good measure. The manic time changes, and sudden changes of pace is what draw me to this comparison. The songs are also tremendously short as well which helps to keep your attention focussed whereas it would tend to wander during a Converge song which though excellent tend to be overly long with too much going on at times. Rentokiller despite their silly name manage this with some degree of success. Of course the true test of their ability will come with their debut album later this year where we will see if it will be ‘worth the wait’ whether their claim to be ‘The angriest musical act on the Swedish scene right now’ is justified. But for now this is a promising start.


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