Berlin Scene Report



Berlin scene report Hi, my name is Felix and i´m gonna write something about the scene here in my hometown Berlin in Germany. Right now the scene is pretty much dead. There are still lots of shows but very few people attenting to them. There are also no real big week-end shows anymore. There are a few bands, labels and zines active so i´m gonna write something about them. About the bands: Berlin´s new star in HC-heaven is definitely Shortage. These guys play real Metalcore as heavy as it gets. They´re starting to play out on week-ends and they´ve released their first full length on Invictus Crew rec. (Email: A great band that you all should watch out for. Also really heavy is Avery featuring Torsten from Pole* on bass. They sound like a mix of Botch and Converge, played some local shows recently and will do a cd on lifeforce rec. soon i think. Another band playing some heavy style of HC is the band i play bass in: Disrespect. Watch out for our new CD soon and a some festival-gigs this summer (Email: There´s not that many Old School bands around here anymore, but Showdown just released a demo cd and i read some reviews comparing them to early Agnostic Front which fits if you ask me. Punishable act, also Old School HC, did a new CD and are around forever i think. There´s also two new bands stepping on the map recently: Fake (Email: and Should have known (Email: They´re both influenced by bands like All out war and Morning Again. On to the more melodic stuff: there´s Real who are doing music compareable to Quicksand (Email:, Lin. Who are offering a sound like Endpoint or Falling Forward (Email:, Treadmill who´re more rockish like Get up kids and the likes and Sunday Inn who have a female vocalist sounding like Copper. For info on those two bands email Lars Dörfel whos running Two friends rec. ( Speaking about labels: Two friends rec. is run by the former vocalist of One step beyond. The label is mostly doing emo-core. There´s also Mad Mob rec. putting out bands of all styles of HC and Rebellion rec., a new label founded by the singer of

What else?

Yep, fanzines. There´s Inside View, a great looking zine (for contact Two friends rec.) and Progression zine, done by Katrin and myself (Email: and that´s it. Kids aren´t that much interested in zines here. Sad but true. Shows mostly happen in smaller clubs like the Wild at heart (capacity: 160 people) or the Tommy-Weisbecker-Haus (capacity: 300 people) for example, and the bigger ones are at the SO 36 (capacity: 800 people).

That´s all i can write about Berlin, for any comments write me: Felix Heiduk, Duisburger Str. 2a, 10707 Berlin, Germany. Email: