REAL FRIENDS - neue EP am 17. September



Puenktlich zu ihrer kommenden US-Tour kuendigen REAL FRIENDS ihre neue EP an. "Torn In Two" erscheint am 17. September 2021 via Pure Noise Records. und ist die erste Platte mit dem neuen Saenger Cody Murano (ex-YOUTH FOUNTAIN). Anbei stellt die Illinois gegruendete Poppunkband mit “Teeth” einen weiteren neuen Song vor. Der Videoclip dazu wurde von Raul Gonzo (PVRIS, AFI) produziert. Murano kommentiert die Single und die EP wie folgt:

“Teeth is a very personal song for me. It touches on some of the years leading up to just before I joined Real Friends. I had gone through some of the most challenging years of my life. After sharing some of my experiences with the group and Andrew Wade, Andrew said: ‘Ok, brutal, now let’s turn that into a song'. 

I really liked how we were able to incorporate the Torn In Two theme throughout. The album artwork being people separated. The 5 main songs on one side and five alternates on the other. I think the past year has left a lot of us feeling torn, scrambling to reconnect with a sense of familiarity”