Interview mit All For Nothing



I suppose that pretty exciting weeks are in front of you? Short Tour in China and afterwards the release of your new record
Yeah ! good stuff. We’re so excited that our record comes out. Can’t wait to play the new material live. Hopefully China is gonna be a blast. We’re looking forward to it because it took us while to get there.

How often have you been to China or Asia in general before? How is touring and the Hardcorescene there?
We’ve been to Asia one time. Touring there is a bit different then here: it’s alot of flying instead of driving like in Europe, which is cool and very tiring at the same time. But totally worth it.
The punk and hardcore scenes in those countries are very alive. There are alot of great bands and the support they give each other is really cool. They will share equipment and even instruments.
Kids show up early and support every band that plays. There is a big unity feel in the whole of asia which is cool to experience.

Something special or funny that happened to you in Asia before?
Being there for the first time, everything was special. We met tons of great people and got friends with some incredible bands. We got to play with a band in the Philipinnes that named them selves after a song of ours and they covered three of our tunes in their set. They have two girls singing. Cindy joined them on one of the songs. It was a bit surreal, but we really felt honoured.

Tell us something about your new record?
Our new record is called „what lies within us“ and is available on GSR on april 18th. It is written in a new line up. We recorded it in the Kohlekeller Studio were we also did our last album „To Live And Die For“. Recording wise we spent a lot of time fine tuning the songs on the spot. That’s something we’ve never did before. Very refreshing. Also during the recording: We kept coming up with all these cool ideas to give the songs that little „extra“ part. Vocal wise we had alot more work then our previous albums. Because we added more gangvocals and both our bassplayer joost and guitar player arjan are singing parts on their own. We took alot of tim to prepare and we did more preproduction by our selves. We got a bit more skilled in that so our ideas came out better. We already had a good idea what the tracklisting was going to be like. So for the first time we really only focussed on performances and details in the studio. Writing and perfecting the lyrics was good team effort: for the first time the whole band contributed to the lyrics. Witw the result that it became a very personal album but with a positive vibe. The whole process was a blast and cliche but true: I think it is the best we’ve done so far.

Where do you see the differences towards your former releases?
We did more pre-production for it and took more time to write it. I personally started writing in end of 2012. So I had a ton of ideas floathing around. Around that time we had a line up change and our new members came up with a lot of cool ideas and views on our music. There was a really positive and creative energy during the whole process. A creative boost :very inspiring and fun. For the recording part: What we did this time is first finish the songs on the drums. After that we completed songs one at the time. As where, on previous albums: we first finished all guitars, than bass and last vocals. This way each song got the attention they deserve.

Is there one song that is more important or special on the new record for some reason?
At this point: not yet. That usually comes when we start playing them live.

Has the status of the band in your own personal life changed in the last years? Which position has the band in your daily life and job?
Next to family and ( boy and girl) friends it’s the most important thing in our lives. It’s pretty balanced between our jobs and the band. When we tour more, the focus is 200% on the band, if we have periods where we play less or don’t play at all, we divide our focus some more on work and other stuff.

What is the most important thing for you as band, having a good time, spreading a specific message?
That goes 50/50.It’s definitely an outlet for us, in wich we have alot of fun. Having fun is the most important to us, because when we don’t have fun doing it, it’s no use. Having fun in what we do is what keeps All For Nothing going. I think this is not a scene or music style to be in when you don’t feel like doing it. We speak out about things and values that are dear to us as a band and organisations or people that we support in their cause. But mostly try to encourage that people start and keep thinking for them selves and keep a positive outlook in life.

Can we expect a huge tour in Germany this year to support your new record?
Hopefully! We’re working on some stuff, but at this point nothing confirmed yet. We do have a whole list of weekend shows and festival shows up on our facebook page that will keep us busy during the summer.

Any last words?
Thank you for interviewing us, we appreciate it. Come say hi at a show we love to meet new people. Hardcore lives.