Interview mit Architects



Hi Sam, you are on tour again. How has it been so far?

It has been really good actually. It has been about six weeks. We have got two shows left in Europe. Tomorrow we are gonna be in Paris. That will be the end of this tour. It has been so much fun. All the days have been ridiculous, you know. We are very stoked to be here.

After all these years of touring, do you still enjoy it?

Yeah, yeah! I mean it keeps getting better for us. The shows keeping better, we are getting better as musicians. You know, we are really enjoying it and we are very fortunate to still be doing this after all these years.

The concert has been moved to a bigger location. Do you miss the times where you played in small clubs, or do you enjoy these big crowds?

I enjoy these big crowds. We played the small clubs for so long. To be headlining this room, it´s been so close to be sold out, is so amazing! I guess there are ten tickets left. So I think it will be sold out. So we are very happy to be able to play in front of these many people, it is amazing!

Let´s talk about the new record Lost Forever // Lost Together. What is it about?

What is it about? A lot of things. It´s a very hopeful record. We talk about whistle blowers, we talk about Sea Shepherd. We talk about what is going on with Fukushima. We talk about just in general kind of politics of the world. But in a kind of sense where the people could understand it.

And the process of songwriting, how was that?

It was the same as it always has been. Tom writes everything and then we meet up and a have couple of band practices to suit it.

You have changed the label to Epitaph. How did that happen and what was your experience about that?

We ran out of records on Century Media where we have been for a very long time and we decided that we want to move elsewhere and we where lucky that Epitaph wanted to work with us. And they were our first choice record label. I remember our manager saying, who you want to sign to and we said Epitaph. That was really a dream to go to them. And we where really stoked.

And what are the plans for the future?

Just carry on doing what we are doing. Touring and trying to keep it so that we have to do no more jobs for as long as possible. We are really enjoying it. It´s so much fun right now. We never want to stop.

Thank you very much! So do you have any last words for the readers of the Allschools Magazine?

Yes, thank you very much for supporting our band. Enabling us to live our dreams. We really appreciate it and do not take it for granted. There are no rock stars in our band we are all very grounded. We just love writing music. Thank´s for buying our records and supporting us!