Interview mit Attack! Attack!



First of all can you give us a short resumee of your bands history?

We formed in 2007 in South Wales in the UK . We recorded our first album in LA late 2007 and toured all over Europe since then. We have just completed our 2nd studio album , its called "The Latest Fashion".

For the new record you changed from Rise Records to Hassle Records, what was the reason for that? What do you expect from this change?

Our first album was on Rock Ridge records. We really fancied a change from their approach to our band and marketing so we looked for a new label. Hassle Records seems to be on the same page as us and we like what they want to do with the record . We hope to get alot more coverage in mainland Europe on this release through Hassle Records.

Hassle Records is also home of bands like Alkaline Trio and Cancer Bats. Would you compare your music with these bands or how would you discribe your sound?

We are all in the greater genre of rock but i wouldnt say we sound like any of the other bands on the label. I would say this record is straight up Rock , no gimmics , just great sounding rock songs with big sing alongs.

Your release date of the new album „The Latest Fashion“ is set in september. Did you make any changes of the sound since the last album?

Yes, the last album was labelled pop punk by many people but this album is not in that genre. Its more in the genre of Foo Fighters , Rock and roll songs with power and melodies.

What are the topics of your new record? Is there any concept behind it?

The album title refers to how the music industry right now and for many years has been not about how good your songs are but how good you look. It seems to me that its more about fashion than songs right now and i hate that! We are a band , we want to write and play good music , we don't want people to like us for any other reason. There are songs on the album about that for sure . The lyrics on other songs relate to life . One song in particular makes reference to a good friend of ours who died whilst recording the album , obviously a very hard time for his friends and family.

Which aims do you pursue? What emotions should your songs evoke by the listeners?

We want people to hear the album and come and see us play live . We want listeners to relate to the songs and lyrics and feel all the emotions that we put into the record. Some songs they will feel anger , some songs they will feel uplifted and hope , other songs are inbetween the two.

What do you expect from the future and the developement of your band?

We want to take these new songs and sound on the road for the next year, play the songs and hopefully grow as a band and friends. This will help us gain inspiration for album 3!

Have you any extraordinary or interesting story from your former tours that you want to let us know?

So much awesome stuff happens on the road that one single thing doesnt stand out , but we have left members behind after gigs and they have had to catch trains to the next venue, we have had people get up on stage and get naked , we have had so many amazing times!

If you can choose only one band you can tour with, which band would that be?

Pearl Jam , they are my favorite band of all time and it would be a dream to share a stage with them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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