Interview mit Biohazard



1. Hi, please, introduce yourself and your area of responsibility within BIOHAZARD.

My name is Billy Graziadei, I sing, play guitar and break things for Biohazard!

2. Despite your split it is actually round about 25 years since BIOHAZARD was born. How does it feel to be still in this band?

When we split up and when things ended, I though that we would be together forever, obviously I was wrong. I had soon realized that I could no longer keep food on my table by just doing Biohazard so I had to find other means  of  making a living. I opened up my own recording studio; and started new projects, one band called Suicide City did pretty well. Once Biohazard was over, the one regret I had was not ever getting a chance to play with the original band again. When I got a call from a friend telling me that Bobby (original lead guitar player) and Evan (bass player) had dinner together in Manhattan, at first I didn’t believe it. Eventually, we all started hanging out together again and started jamming. When we went on tour, everyone got a long and we had a blast so for me it’s come full circle in a way. When we began, all we knew and loved was making music together, we didn’t make any money off of the band, we did it because of the love and passion we had for Biohazard. Now, to be here on tour because I want to be here is amazing. I don’t have to do this for a living, it’s very hard to support a family in music these days, ….so I have a lot more fun playing with Biohazard again! Kind of a rebirth..hence Reborn in Defiance!

3. Concerning your years of touring and recording routine – did your expectations towards your songs and instrumental skills change within the years?

Of course we grew as musicians, people and song writers while we were apart. For me, being away from each other for so long was as important as being together and working on music again. We wouldn’t had been able to release an album like Reborn in Defiance without that growth, in many ways. Besides the musical skill level, we grew as people and the bullshit that pulled us apart back in the day doesn’t matter to us anymore.

4. Will or did Evans exit affect the creative process?

No. We’ve been in the studio working on new music for the past few months and continue to work.
5. “Vows of Redemption”, “You Were Wrong” or “Season in the Sky” are songs which I did not expect to hear on a BIOHAZARD record. Where does that sensitive come from?

We’ve never really worried about what other people would think when we write our music, all we focused (and continue to focus on) is how the music we write effects us. All of our albums have had songs on them where we pushed our musical creativity with piano, acoustic guitar or whole orchestrations for example. I think because we don’t play those songs live, people notice that side of the band more on each album. From Failed Territory to all of the Piano I’ve played on our albums, it’s all been there since the beginning. The vibe with that side of Biohazard is beautiful to me, but it doesn’t translate on stage in my opinion. That’s the thing that always attracted people to the band, we don’t fit into the convenient rules or classifications. I remember playing with metal bands we loved and we didn’t fit in because we weren’t “metal” enough…or when we’d play with hardcore bands we loved but didn’t fit in because we weren’t “hardcore” enough….we ended up creating our own style I guess. People who like different types of music and are more opened minded in the heavy genre began following us for that reason I believe. Something we’re proud of obviously.

6. After you already had a reunion you are in a difficult situation, again. Where does that combative spirit come from to not surrender?

We are in a great moment right now, we have been on tour and for every bad situation we’ve encountered, we’ve found the positive and used that to inspire us to continue forward, unbridled! We’ve been on tour now for a three months in support for Reborn in Defiance and keep kickin ass!

7. If Evan decided to come back would he be welcomed with arms wide open?

I remember when my parents got divorced when I was a kid, it was devastating to my brothers and I…soon after, my Mother got cancer and battled it as hard as she could but eventually died. Every night I laid in bed hoping things would get back to how they were but it never happened. Life hands you cards and what you get, you get. I’m happy to have had the experiences I’ve had and love where I am right now. You never know what happens tomorrow. I wish Evan the best and hope he finds what he’s looking for.

8. If you had to name your three favorite BIOHAZARD songs which were those?

Damn, that’s tough. I love ‘em all, I really love playing Reborn, Vengeance is Mine and Come Alive on tour! But classics like Shades, Tick or Punishment always get me goin too!

9. Comparing the situation of the music industry back in the 90s and now – how do you get along with illegal downloading and getting paid worse, because labels run out of money? What does BIOHAZARD do pass the test of time?

We never started this to make money and our hearts and passion are about the music first and foremost, everything else is business that has it’s roots in dark places so I keep them separate. For me, I love writing music, playing music but I can’t do that if I can’t eat…you follow me.
What will the future hold for BIOHAZARD fans? … follow us on and to see!