Interview mit Blakfish



1. Introduce yourself:

Hi I'm Sammy Vile from the teen sensation BLAKFISH.

2. You're just about to release your album "Champions"!Why "Champions" and what can fans expect?

Basically, the album is called Champions because we are Winners and Champions, so its kind of self titled. The record is a perfect representation of us as a group of people. It's drunk, loud, angry, funny, hungry, scary, wet and tired, but mainly just good.

3. What inspires you to write an album like "Champions"?Do you listen to other music than Hardcore to get inspiration from other musicstyles?

Yes, we hardly listen to hardcore, we all listen to a real variety of music ranging from Kiss to Joanna Newsom to the great Paul Simon, I guess that comes though when we write our songs. People that only listen to hardcore just make hardcore, no matter how well they play it and competent they are it is still essentially just ripping the people off who did it first.

4. How was it to work with Chris Common?

It was great, he really understood what we wanted to get out of the record, we had done recordings before where the producer wanted to take away the imperfections and treat it like a fucking new sounding metal record, with triggered drums and those horrible buzz saw guitar tones, Chris understood we were really a lot more punk than that. He made it sound like the 4 of us in a room playing, which is what was needed. We're going back to do the second record with him next year and we can't wait.

5. As I read the names of the tracks like "if the good lord had intended us to walk he wouldn't have invented roller skates" or "your hair's straight but your boyfriend ain't", I had a big smile on my face!What kind of stories will "Champions" tell us?

The record deals mainly with topics that annoy us on a regular basis. It will actually be pretty interesting to see how people from outside Britain react as I think the majority of references are pretty typically British. We deal with English daytime TV, citing certain shows that I doubt are allowed to be shown elsewhere for fear of boring people to death, particular motorways (highways) like the M40 that takes us to London, certain clothing stores that I know aren't in America and most of Europe. Hopefully people will be able to see past these parts and get the general message with out having to come and live over here for a year.

6. Weirdest band-experience so far?

Ah that's a shitty question. Does us having a double page spread in Front (basically a soft porn mag) count? Flicking through the magazing taking care of yourself, then being put off by a massive photo of your own ugly mug? Either that or the fact that people actually come to see us play, that's a pretty weird experience.

7. Highlights of your career?

We just played Sonisphere festival and met Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. He is the reason we are in a band together.

8. One wish granted - with which band would you like to tour with?

Limp Bizkit.

9. Why is Blakfish Blakfish?

Because Limp Bizkit made us all want to break stuff together. We all met at school and have just grown up with each other. We came up with the name when we were 11 / 12 and it just stuck really. We know it sucks but fuck it, it's too late to change it now.

10. Any last words?

I don't think anyone knows how excited I am about the new Limp Bizkit record, if it's shit I'm going to pretend to like it anyway.