Interview mit Bodyfarm



!!!Vielen Dank an Thomas / BODYFARM!!!

1. Can you give us a brief run-through of the BODYFARM story, so far?

Hi Clement! Bodyfarm was found in the late summer of 2009 by Quint Meerbeek (drums) and myself (guitars, vocals) with the intenstion to play quality death metal with a mind of it's own. Our self titled EP (2010) received great response world wide. So far we have built up a good live reputation in The Netherlands and Germany since Mathieu Westerveld (bass) and Bram Hilhorst (guitars) joined the band.

In April 2012 we finished our debut full-length album entitled "Malevolence" and signed a record deal with Cyclone Empire Records. "Malevolence" was released on June 1st 2012.

2. BODYFARM is not a typical Dutch Death Metal band, because it sounds more like US groove metal bands like MASSACRE, SKINLESS or JUNGLE ROT, but there are also PESTILENCE and BOLT THROWER in it. Can you tell us something about your influences?

Typically Dutch. I hear this term all the time but I never knew that the typical Dutch sounds existed. Ofcourse we have a rich history of death metal, but I wouldn’t know what a typical Dutch death metal band sounds like. We have so many influences, mainly from European bands. But we just listen to anything we like. Allthough we sound pretty traditional we are very open minded, so we listen to a lot of stuff!

3. Your debut album “Malevolence” is old school Death Metal - the way it's meant to be and it is even more brutal than your ep. What happens?

A lot of the material on Malevolence was written during the recordings of the 2010 EP or right after, because we needed material to play live. Through the months we kept on writing and improving the songs. At some points we dared to come out of the safe-zone of old school death metal and wrote less traditional stuff as you can hear on the ending part of ‘I Am The War’. Writing an album is a process that you can’t control. Sometimes it just sounds right, even if your insecure about it. At a certain point you just have to dare going into the studio. You’ll never know what it will sound like.

4. You inked a deal with Cyclone Empire to try to reach the masses?

It it was our intention to reach the masses we would dress up like hipsters, leave the stickers on our baseball caps and do a little dance while singing about “bitches and ho’s”. No, we proudly joined Cyclone Empire because we where looking for something European based. Eventualy our friend Theo from Hail Of Bullets told the label about us, and we kept them informed on the process of the recordings. They like what they heard and signed us. The most important thing for us is to reach real death metal fans who really enjoy our music, and Cyclone Empire is an awesome label with great people who really care.

5. If it could be arranged that you can go on tour, which band-package would you join?

I don’t think we’re in the position to actually pick a tour, but we would really love to go on the road with Hail Of Bullets because they’re awesome guys and we’ve played several times with them before. It is one of our dreams to go on tour with a band we love. A tour with Grave, Asphyx, Vomitory or Bolt Thrower would be amazing! Who knows what the future will bring.