Interview mit Boy Hits Car



Please introduce yourself and tell us something about your band.

Hey there! This is Cregg, and I started BHC many moons ago. We are a four-piece band who writes and performs passionately heavy music we’ve dubbed ‘LoveCore’.

Your new record “Stealing Fire” is now ready for release. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the album?

Well, we began writing Stealing Fire in 2008, and recorded periodically between November of 08 through August of 2010. It’s the 4th BHC album and the strongest, most well rounded release to date in our opinion.

This is your first album since 2006. Why this long pause?

After the original members quite, we had to find the right incarnation of BHC to figure if we could move forward and write a new album that would hold up. So after some US/UK touring in 07, we felt we had the right line up to move into the writing faze. Unfortunately, we’ve had to maintain day jobs during this whole process, so naturally it’s taken a bit longer than if we ONLY had to write a new album.

Did anything change in your sound since the last record?

Ya know, a little bit I feel. It’s totally still BHC, but there’s certainly this fresh new feel that’s been injected into the bands signature sound.

What are the main topics of your songs? Does the album have any concept?

It seems I tend to write about loves rollercoaster ride, and the glory and volatility of relationships in general, which is one reason we call our music ‘LoveCore’. Themes I tend to meld into the music include nature, getting connected, the burn of Love, and the source of human nature, etc. Stealing Fire isn’t really a conceptual album,(like our last album ‘The Passage’), although Loves burn and the relationship theme comes up in almost half the record.

What is the inspiration for your lyrics? Do you digest any personal feelings or experiences in it?

Yah, it’s all very personal, and I can be inspired by so many different things, and feelings, but as I said before, the burn of true Love seems to get me every time.

What do you expect from the future and the development of your band?

To continue to grow as a band and as people. We really just want to get connected to the world through this medium, and inspire all to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.

If you can choose only one band you can tour with, which band would that be?

Whoa, that’s a tuff one… Led Zepplin or Metallica?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stay true to the dreams of your youth- LOVECORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!