Interview mit CASEY



Allschools: So you´re putting out a record on March 16th via Hassle Records called "Where I Go When I Am Sleeping". What are you hoping for with this record?

TW: We rarely set an expectation of how our fans will receive our music; our goal has always been to produce content that the five of us can be completely confident in and happy with. I’m comfortable in saying that we’ve achieved that with Where I Go.

Allschools: For many people, including myself, it just goes logical after the recent years, that you do headline tours (as you do) and get on bigger stages with better slots (as you do). It seems that it goes pretty well for you. How do you feel yourself about this?

TW: Yeah I’d say for the most part that’s true; there are always going to be the odd exception who appear from nowhere and are all of a sudden playing huge stages and great festival slots. But we’re happy with our progress as a band. As the months go on we see a continual increase in the amount of support we receive, and we’ve always been very humbled by the love we’ve felt from both our fans and the industry itself.

Allschools: Going through the record, it´s defiantly very calm, fitting the album title very well. When you were first talking about the making of the record, what were your ideas?

TW: The whole thing came together rather quickly; but the only thing we all absolutely agreed on was that we didn’t want to just re-write our first record. We knew that we wanted to push our sound further than we had before, and we wanted to experiment with textures and layers that we hadn’t previously. Aside from that we just wrote and developed songs in the same way we always do.


Allschools: I found the track "&" on it, that just plays instrumental, so kind of like an interlude. This was very common on the last album of BEING AS AN OCEAN as well. What´s your take on this? Why did you put this on?

TW: I mean, BEING AS AN OCEAN aren’t the only band to ever put interludes on a record haha. We’ve always found with our live shows that we enjoy finding musical ways to bridge between particular songs. So it was a theme we wanted to carry on into the new record. &, Morphine, and "Where I Go When I Am Sleeping" are all instrumental songs that connect the songs either side of it, either thematically or musically.

Allschools: To put a deeper meaning behind the album title again. Do you remember most of your dreams? Can you even control them sometimes? Some people can.

TW: The title actually relates to a state of medically induced detachment from your own existence; a common trait of some anti-depressants, and of depression itself. But to answer your question, it sort of varies. Sometimes I have incredibly vivid dreams that I remember for weeks afterward, and then other times I don’t remember them at all. But I’ve never been able to lucid dream, I don’t know if I would enjoy that or whether it would scare me.

Allschools: And if you could dream of a place that the band Casey is hoping for. What will it look like?

TW: I’m not really sure, I would imagine each of us would answer that question in a different way. I’d say that if were all to agree on somewhere, it would be a fancy AirBnB on a day off from a cool tour.

Allschools: If somebody never heard of your band and will attend one of your shows. What would you tell them in advance?

TW: I feel that expectation is the first step to disappointment, so I wouldn’t want to tell them anything in advance. I would much rather someone attend one of our shows with absolutely no pre-existing knowledge of the band, so that then they can make a completely fresh judgement of us. 


Allschools: You´re often referred to bands like Moose Blood, Landscapes, Being As An Ocean. What are the bands you want to tour or get involved with more in the future?

TW: After touring with THY ART IS MURDER and BOSTON MANOR, we’ve learned that genre isn’t really all that important for a tour. I’d much rather tour with a band from a different genre that we really get along with, than tour with a similar sounding band that we don’t get on with. We’d love to make something work with the guys in Movements someday; we’ve spoken to them before about it and we think it would be a great fit. We also really want to tour with Counterparts again. They’re some of the nicest guys we’ve ever played with so it would be awesome to hang out with them again for a few weeks.

Allschools: Your bus caught fire twice last year, which is really horrible. Do you often think about what would be if you were not doing the band? What would your life look like?

TW: I guess because the band is only a part of my life, I already know what I’d be doing with it. I’ve always been very fortunate in having quite responsible jobs outside of the band, so I’d probably just be working an office job somewhere. 
The one thing I would enjoy about not being in the band would be the ability to go on holiday haha; at the moment all of my time away from work is used up by touring or attending to band business, so it would be nice to have some time to myself to go away and relax.