Interview mit Caesars Rome



Hey guys, how you’re doing? With whom of CAESARS ROME do I talk?

You’re talking to Jonathan (Lead Vocals & Guitar) very nice to make you’re acquaintance.

What are you Guys doing in your off time besides CAESARS ROME?

Well in our off time we all have jobs, I try and involve myself with the Music Industry 24/7 I work at a local rehearsal studio which keeps me knee deep in music all day long. The rest of the band all work in the catering industry part time, Rich (Drums) is a waiter, Ash (Bass) is a Chef and Kyle (Guitar) is a bar man. Hopefully we’ll all be handing in our notices and doing CAESARS ROME full time.

Why is your album titled with "The Company We Keep"? Can you explain to us the story of CAESARS ROME? Could you please give us some short background about your band? Where does your band name come from?

The album is titled “The Company We Keep” as it resembles the relationship we develop with people we are around every day, this includes friends, family, loved one and people you interact with generally. The lyrical content of the album is about the people that make big effects on our lives and we’re not just referring to women here, it’s everybody whether they put a positive or negative outlook on your life! CAESARS ROME began in January 2007 have the demise of a previous band, myself and Richard (Drums) formed CAESARS ROME with the idea of playing music we really wanted to play and enjoy. Kyle (Guitar) & Ash (Bass) were both friends of mine at Music College so it was an obvious choice. We jammed together playing “The Police” covers and then started to write our own music. It’s been a snowball ever since we’ve been growing and growing through playing shows and the experiences we’ve had as a band this far!

The band name comes from a demo song I entitled “Caesars Rome” a while back, when we were searching for band names I came across it again, and then thought about it a little more. We then converted the name into the bands statement. Power = wall of sound.

Tell us about your debut album, "The Company We Keep", which came out last week. Do you think, the JIMMY EAT WORLD or DREDG fans do like this stuff too?

“The Company We Keep” is our first offering as a band, and something we are very proud of. The recording process was incredible and really brought the true colours of the album out in some respects. Working with Romesh was such a breath of fresh air and he really brought a lot to the record. To us “The Company We Keep” isn’t just an album of the same songs. We feel we’ve thrown some un-expected curve balls in there with the heavier and groovy numbers like “High on the Nines” and “Finding Waves” we are all extremely pleased with how the record panned out, and we would love to think that fans of both Jimmy and Dredg can take on our record and see it next to these both great artists.

What were your influences for this album? You seem to be influenced by...!

Our influences were pretty particular on this record, we wrote this album in the early stages of the band and influence from Local legends “Funeral For A Friend” came across, their huge energy both live and on record really made us strive for a huge sound.
We all have very different musical tastes, Kyle (Guitar) is a massive InMe fan and as their label mates he is completely over the moon! Ash (Bass) likes his old rock and progressive bands like Pink Floyd, obviously none of this came through right now but we don’t intend on sticking to one “sound”.
I and Rich are massive Thrice fans, and we love everything they do.

What are your plans after the release of this record? Do you go on tour in Germany?

We plan to tour until we have the time to record a follow up to this first offering. We plan to tour Europe very soon, I think we are going to tour the UK when the record comes out here, and then make our way to Europe by the summer fingers crossed!

Tell us about your recent signing to Superball Music.

Signing to Superball Music was definitely a step in the right direction for us, we wanted a label to believe in us as musicians and appreciate the music over everything else. The music industry is a very fickle place and some times more often than not, image and looks come before the music, but in this case Thomas saw our talent in the music alone.
The label gives us a very positive outlook on things and they’ve been behind us since we first made contact with them.
The calibre of bands that were already on the label was such a great thing too. Oceansize are an incredible band, and to be on the same label as bands such as them is a great feeling.
I think Superball have a great outlook on the industry and they’re going to shock people with the immense talent this label offers listeners.

What's your advice to other young bands around the world that still haven't got a label deal?

Our advice would be to practise hard, play a lot of shows and expect the pitfalls. The industry is a hard place to be in and also a very rewarding place. Belief in yourself and you’re music is a key thing. A lot of it is being in the right place at the right time, but raw talent never gets over looked. Throw yourselves in front of as many people as you can, there are loads of outlets for your music to be heard with the likes of YouTube, MySpace & Face book the world is you’re oyster. Just keep yourselves busy and never stop writing songs!

Which music do you listen at the moment? Tell me your favourite Rock band and beside of the Rock genre.

I’m listening to a lot of different music at the moment. I’ve recently become a massive “The Beatles” fan. I know I’m around 30 years too late, but their music really has opened my eyes to the possibilities. I love the raw sounds and the energy. My favourite Rock band is definitely American 4 piece Thrice, the talent this band has is unbelievable and it’s something I really inspire to.
Other than the rock genre, I’m really digging a lot of ambient drum and bass. There is an artist called “Jon Hopkins” which is quite ironic as we share the same name, but he is brilliant.

Thank you very much for your time. The final comment is yours:

We have seemed to use this cheeky line a few times but as the TV Series “Lost” is coming to an end, and we are all hooked on it. As John Locke says “Don’t let people tell you what you can, and cannot do.” The future is what you make it! Also listen to Caesars Rome! We hope to see you at a venue soon!