Interview mit Chronosphere



Hello there, who is answering the interview?

Hey there, this is Spyros (Vocals / Guitar) talking.

First of all, can you tell me something about the history of CHRONOSPHERE - most of our readers don’t know you I guess!

CHRONOSPHERE is a “new wave of thrash metal” band and was formed back in 2009, in Athens/Greece. We have released a demo called “Hypnosis” and 2 full length albums, “Envirusment” + the recent “Embracing Oblivion”. And we keep on…

Your second album “Embracing Oblivion” comes out in a couple of weeks. What can you tell me about it? Comparing it to your first album, what did you learn in the meantime?

Well, it’s a matter of a lot of effort… We tried to combine a lot of our influences in this record, some blast beats and some groove parts as well. We tried also to pay attention to the lyric stuff of the album…consequently we have a concept album about how this world self-destructs due to sins of humanity. What we learned is to be ourselves, no music labels…

Most bands say the second album is one of the most difficult ones to create. Can you support this statement? Why do you think it is/ is not difficult to write?

It seems that 2nd albums are more representative, especially for those who have heard band’s previous work…The 1st record is just you first contact with the world but the 2nd one is the one that establishes you in the “metal map” or not. I mean, fans want to see if you evolve as band and how this happens. At least this is my point of view as a fan…

Stylewise you don’t go with one Thrash-Style but try to strife many of them and integrate them in your music. Which were the biggest influences on you musically and how hard is it to play some “innovative” Thrash Metal nowadays?

This is exactly what I said before. It needs a lot of effort to make something compact combining different music styles. But I guess that’s what we do better, playing the music we love in our way…We love technical bands such as Megadeth, Revocation and Toxik along with pure evil thrash bands such as Razor and Sacred Reich...even deathsters CANNIBAL CORPSE. Well, Thrash Metal is a classic Metal genre so some people want to hear it the classic, old-school way. But being open-minded and innovative is what gives you an ID. That’s why we prefer the 2nd way…

Let’s talk about the lyrics of “Embracing Oblivion”. What are they about? Does the whole financial crisis in Greece and Southern Europe have any affect on your lyrics?

Actually, this is the reason why we chose to make a concept album, especially of this topic. We are into violence and our personal relationships are getting damaged due to money, religion, science, politics, isn’t it? People are getting insane or choose to fight back…they even pray for god’s (if there is any) help, right? That’s exactly what this album talks about!

Who created your artwork and how is it connected with your music and lyrics?

With the money- and religion-metaphors on the cover it seems to be connected to the lyrical content.
The master of modern thrash (and not only) artworks, Andrei Bouzikov, is the responsible of our album cover. As you guessed, it’s associated with lyrical content…In case you haven’t noticed, there are vivid colors only inside the bubble that means there is life only inside it, while the rest of the world just lays to oblivion. In the bubble live just those who have the power, even if it’s religious or political (that main man combines all of them). And of course that heavy weight is meant to be lifted by all of us.

With CHRONOSPHERE, EXARSIS, FADOM and, probably the “leaders” of the movement, SUICIDAL ANGELS, Thrash Metal seems to be very popular in Greece nowadays. Have you any explanations for that?

Thrash metal (especially the old-school way) is very popular here in Greece. A lot of thrash metal fans and bands as well. The first live concerts we attended where ones with local thrash bands. I think people in here like metal music in general the traditional way. In addition, Greece is a country full of sun that affects people’s way of living, acting and creating. How else can you explain the fact that cold and depressive Scandinavian countries have the best black metal scene worldwide?

Many Thrash-Metal-Bands in the old days (especially some German ones) couldn’t really play their instruments. Nowadays nearly every young upcoming Thrasher is very good. Have times changed or do you see any other reason in this development?

Music keeps evolving… First of all, bands that sound exactly like the older ones won’t be worthy to pay attention at. People need something fresh and new, something they haven’t heard before. Technique is a way of creating something different…Older bands did have such feeling in their music, that’s what we keep nowadays. But technique allows you to create something multidimensional…

What is more important to you as a band: Good technical playing or a good compact song with a haunting melody?

The most important to us as a band is to express ourselves the best way we can…Technique is meant to serve our music and not to be served by us. We try to use both technical riffs and haunting melodies in a balanced way. As long as it sounds good to us…

What can we expect from CHRONOSPHERE in the future?

We are composing new songs for a 3rd release while planning a European tour to promote “Embracing Oblivion”. More info coming soon…

Thanks for the interview! If you want to add anything, feel free to do so!

We would like to thank you as well. Thanks to all of our fans too that have been supporting us so far. Find us on our official facebook page and subscribe to our youtube channel. Stay tuned…