Interview mit Convulse



Hello there, “Evil Prevails“ is your first album since 1994s „Reflections“. How does it feel to have an new Convulse-Album in your hands?

Very exciting of course. It has been a long journey to get at this point and listening to new Convulse vinyl makes me very satisfied. It was privilege to spend 9 months composing these tunes with this great band and record/mix one month in a proper analog studio with professional people.

In the beginning of the year you released “Inner Evil“ a harbinger to the album. How were the reactions towards this EP?

It was a good practice for the album recordings. Reactions have been mostly very positive towards Inner Evil EP. Of course there will be always some people who judge every comeback without even listening to music itself.
But as said, I am satisfied with this band and we have plenty of riffs still to play.

I have read some reviews to “Inner Evil” which stated, that this kind of music is not relevant anymore. What do you answer these critics? Do you think your style of Death Metal is still relevant?

You have to visit in our gigs and ask people in there is this kind music relevant anymore. I think it´s relevant as long as the band enjoys as much at the stage as the audience do on their side. I listen to music very versatilely and open minded. One day old school death metal is more relevant and the other day I enjoy more Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and The Who for example. Choice is yours.

Comparing “Evil Prevails” to your previous releases, where have you developed the most in your opinion? What's still the same?

We have learned to play. Now the band grooves like a human machine, it´s not so common in death metal. Someone called the Convulse live shows as a hippie death metal.
The most important part of the band is a drummer. I have played together with Rolle since 1997. It´s easy to play guitars and growl when the drummer and bass player know what they are doing.
I think there are still plenty of same elements in new Convulse material as back in the days. Fast thrash riffing, blasting, slow doom parts, gloomy melodies and so on.

Will every “old” Convulse fan like the new record?

No. It´s impossible to please every fan at the same time. But I am sure "Evil Prevails" makes most of the old fans satisfied. One point is that we made two very different albums in the beginning of 90´s. If you dig WWG, you mostly didn´t hold on to Reflections. And the same works the other way around. But if you are keen in World without god, you will be keen in Evil Prevails, too.

Can you tell me something about the recording process and the production of the new record?

We had rehearsed the album material quite ready in June 2013 and we recorded demo versions in our rehearsal room. Then I finished the lyrics and vocals during July and we rehearsed a bit more and entered to the analog JJ-studio at the beginning of August. We played together two days as a band and during those two days we got drums and bass guitar recorded. Then it was time record "basic" guitars, clean guitars, solos and finally Vocals. This all took about 80 hours. In the middle of August everything was ready for the mixing sessions and it took about 50 hours. You have to remember we recorded and mixed the album in 24-track analog studio to reel-to-reel tape recorder, so you can´t just record something what is played quite good. You can´t copy-paste things, edit errors and chance the song structure afterwards. I love to work in analog studio, because it means you have to rehearse properly before the sessions and be honest to yourself and your skills. If you ask me, it´s not a good idea to record something what you can´t play live at the stage. So that was how we produced the album without producing it. Keep it honest and simple.

While you were recording you posted some videos and photos of this process on Youtube/ Facebook. How important is it nowadays to inform the fans over every step of your work?

I think it´s a good way to inform and remember your fans. At least I like to watch my favorite bands working in studio.

In a couple of days you are doing a mini-tour in Europe - Without any German dates. Why?

We started to discuss with Disma in January about the tour in Europe in November 2013. At first there was couple of unreliable promoters and Daryl from Disma have to start arrange shows. Unfortunately we have to reduce tour dates, because of the financial matters. We have to rent vans, back lines, pay flight tickets etc. This mini tour is true Do it yourself tour!
So this time it´s only Italy and France and six shows together. Hopefully we can tour in Germany 2014. At least we are trying to find reliable promoter to make it happen.

Thanks for your time answering my questions! The last words are yours!

Thanks for this interesting interview. Come to see Convulse and Disma in Italy or France. Hopefully we will have chance to meet our German fans also in near future.