Interview mit Daredevil



1. First, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

We've got Ramon on vocals, Dimi on bass, Roel on drums and I'm on guitar.

2. To be honest, I really don't know too much about Daredevil. Give us a
short Biographie about the Band and the members!

We're from the South of the Netherlands from the Maastricht Area just 20 minutes
from the German border and 5 from the Belgium border. We started after i quit
my former band cause i wanted to go a total differtent direction. This was early
1998. I looked for guys to join me and i asked Ramon for the vocals and Dimi
for the bass (by the way, i play the guitar) since i knew them from my former
band where they still played for. I knew the wanted to play the kinda music
i wanted to make. Then the struggle began to look for a good drummer. First
Richard from Backfire helped out and the we asked Roel and that's still the
line up till today. We recorded the first 2 songs we wrote just 2 months after
we started for a 7" on BTB. After that we wrote some more songs and we
played our first real show in Geleen October 1998 w/B4B, Comin' Correct, Backfire,
Arkangel and Mainstrike. This show was also the start of the Comin' Correct
tour on which Dimi and I played for Comin' Correct. This took 1 month and after
that i joined Rick to the US. When i came back alot of stuff happened which
was the reason that we almost did nothing till after the summer of 1999. Then
we had to find a new practise space which took long and we couldn't practise
on a weekly basis. We started from zero and we only held the songs from the
7". So you can say that we kinda made a new start in 2000.

3. What's the Name Daredevil about? Why you choose exactly this name?

Well, as most people might know its from a comic. I'm not into that, i just
liked the name from the first time i heard it. That was when Ramon and i where
in NYC. We met this girl from Germany and she wanted to start a zine with which
she wanted to name Daredevil. That was the first time i heard the name and it
stuck in my head with the idea that when i started my new band it would have
that name.

4. I heard a few rumours about really cool Sideprojekts, so can you tell
me what's up? What's in work and stuff?

Yes, thats true, we're doing a old school project. Its basicly gonna be daredevil
with Aaron from Death Threat on vocals. We don't have decided which name we're
gonna use and we hope to have a 7" out soon. We're talkin' at the moment
with some labels but nothing is def. We wanna do 3 own songs and a cool cover.
After that we hope to do a full lenght. I'm really lookin' forward to it and
hope we can go to the studio very soon cause i've workin' on it for some time
now. We're psyched about it and it will be fast, short energetic songs kinda
side by side, wide awake style. I've to call Aaron in a couple of days and maybe
we've some news about it soon. Look on our webside for news when we've got it.

5. Do you guys run other "jobs" in our subculture? Like writing
for Fanzines or running a Label?

At the moment we only play in bands. I used to do shows. I had 25 Ta Life,
NRSV, B4B, Morning Again, Speak, One 4 One and lots more. I started on my own
but later on i did it together with my friend Harry and Rudy from the Belgium
shows. We wanted to shows together so we wouldn't had to compete eachother.
Rudy still does alot of shows but i stopped. I also thought really serious about
starting a recordlabel but i figured out that there where enough labels in Europe.
Besides that i didn't wanna start a distro so that would make it really hard.
I was talkin' to soem labels and bands and sometimes i regret that i didn't
tried it.

6. I only heard a few songs on tape and it sounds pretty heavy, kinda Toughguy
Hardcore! This style is very hyped in the moment - what do you think about this
in general and especially for your Band?

Well that it is hyped is only a trend for now. First it was new school, earth
crises/snapcase style then more metal like All Out War/25 Ta Life and now Hatebreed
is the big band and this style is hot. When we started we just wanted to make
intense kick ass music and we def. wanna keep the HC feeling in it. Ofcourse
you hear influences from bands we like but we have our own face. We're no copy
of another band. If the hype goes by we still will make the same music...hard,
fast and intense. We also here different things when people wanna label our
music. We heard names like Liar, 25 Ta Life, Catharsis, Day Of Suffering or
Tuffguy, Metalcore, newschool. This kid from Australia that wrote us said it
great after i had send him a tape with bands like Kickback and Arkangel. He
liked them but he liked us more cause we had an old school feeling in it.

7. I didn't get the chance to read your lyrics, so can you tell us what
they are about? What will you catch with your thoughts? Who write them?

The lyrics are totally Ramon's field. We can put our energy in the music and
he in the lyrics. The song Scream into the void deals about the so called "civilisation"
doing its best to rule the planet. All animals (human and non-human) living
in balance are taking for granted. When will more humans see that life isn't
just: taking, consuming and making money. Takin' you down is about the life
style Ramon has. He's drug free and Vegan. This is about people that try to
change his mind about these subjects that are important to him but not always
accepted that easy. He who arises in might is about his hate that he has for
one person. Not the normal hate-hc lyric but this is a very private topic to
him. Some of the other lyrics deal about Tolkien issues and stuff like that
but i'm not into that so i can give you more info.

8. Will you call yourself and/or the Band, kinda political?

No. We ,as a band, are not into politics.

9. What did Daredevil released so far? On which labels? Is there something
coming up soon?

Like i said before, we've a 7" on Back Ta Basics with Comin' Correct and
Backfire. We wanna do something with our friends from Krutch but i don't know
if thats gonna happen. We recorded 3songs for that but we'll do a full lenght
on Gangstyle records. This will be out between August and October 2001 and the
split w/Krutch would be out in the same period with the same songs as on the
full lenght. That would be stupid. We're know lookin' for a release for before
the summer. We made our self a cd with the 3new recordings + the 2 songs from
the 7" so we can get our music out and get more shows. You can order it
from our homepage. Next week we get together with Gangstyle to sign the contracts
and see when we go to the studio. So look out for it!!!

10. You have a brand new Homepage coming up. Who make it and how do you
guys use the Internet in general?

Dimi and i made it. Dimi knew how to make it and he thought me while we made
ours. Its now running but we gonna make some changes later on. I think it looks
nice...nothing like a normal hc page. Its a great way to spread our name. We
all love internet and then especially email to keep in contact with our

friends worldwide.

11. There's a lot of shit going on in the World Wide Web. On Messageboards,
Guestbooks . what do you think about stuff like this?

I never read them and never sign them. I don't like it. I prefer a normal email.

12. Napster is down. There is a new one coming up in early summer, with
a low charge like $ 10 for unlimited downloads. Do you think this will work
out as well as the other version? Did you used it in the past and will you add
to the new one?

Napster ruled. To bad i don't have cable conection so i couldn't use it that
much but if i had cable i would have tons of great songs. I just saw a guy with
tons of old school stuff. Oh man, there was so much that i wanted to get...i
justed couldn't believe my eyes. If i had cable he would be my best friend,
no doubt. About the futher...check after napster at the net. Here you can find
the new Napster. One of them will become the biggest and they get that down
and another but it will never be stopped.

13. You life near Maastricht, Holland, I think there's a pretty cool Scene
around. Can you give us a few Informations about that? Some new Bands or something
like this?

The Maastricht scene is almost only the people that play in the bands and some
of their friends. Their are still losta cool bands...Backfire, Determinded,Hardsell,
Right Direction, Homethrust, Angel Crew, Demon Joker Junior, SOS. Then we got
the MOC scene with Born From Pain and friends. Ist not as strong as a few years
ago i think but the European HC fest always proves me wrong cause their 1500
kids present twice a year. There more bands comin' allover the rest of Holland
so thats a good sign. Some new bands??? Angel Crew is gonna blow up, Urban Conflict
is good too, spirit 84 is getting better and better.

14. Two of you guys where on tour with Rick ta life and Comin' Correct!
Tell us about the tour. Some cool story's? Secrets?

The tour was great!!!It was though at sometimes but I loved it!!! It was 1
month and we played Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain and France. We
had great shows Limoge, Godolo, Malaga and in the south of Germany close to
the Swiss border (i can't remmember the name). Also some fucked up things happened.
We where booked in Poland in a place called "Elk" only 30 miles from
the Russia border. The after we had to play 2 shows in Chemnitz. We left in
Poland at 6 o'clock in the morning and we stopped at 1 in the night in Dresden.
We drove for 20 hours and still missed both shows and had to pay for a hotel
instead of staying for free in Chemnitz. We missed the shows in Schweinfurt
cause the night before we where in Amsterdam. We went into the city and we should
be back by the van at a certain time. When we where there our bassplayer could
find his way back to the van. We had to take a hotel again and cancel Schweinfurt
cause we found him after 1 day. And then Spain!!! This is a good way to clear
some things for myself cause after we did Spain the wildest rumors where flying
around. Even in NYC everybody was talking about it while we knew of nothing.
It started in Barcelona. The guitarplayer from the opening band had forgotten
a cable of his amp so he played on my amp. No problem. After the show we took
all our stuff in the van and his amp was still on stage. We left with the Promotor
to our sleepin' place. After that we played Valencia, Malaga and Madrid...all
no problems. Although my amp broke in Malaga so i had to borrow amps from the
opening bands. The last show was in San Sebastian, in a squad. Nice show and
after the show we stayed in the squad for the night. We had money on us and
all our stuff so we where kinda scared. In the middle of the night there is
some beating on the door. We take a look and see this kid who comes in. He doesn't
speak English and he pretents he has a knife or whatever in his back pocket.
When he shows his hands and they are empty we through him out. Later on he kicks
the door in and throws food through the door. Dimi and Richard chase him and
when they have him the police comes by and take him with them. We go back to
bed and when we wake up their is swastika (Simone...i don't how to write it
in english but i mean a hakenkruis) infront of the door. We don't take it away
and leave before the owners get back. Ofcourse when they arived they saw the
swastika, all the mess (it was alot of food) we had put alot of stuff infront
of the door cause when he kicked in the door he broke the lock. They thought
we did it. It was stupid to leave like that without explaining what happened.
At that time we knew of nothing till we spoke with Marc at MAD. Then it was
already to late cause everybody thought that we made the swastika, all the mess
and besides this they said we stole an amp in Barcelona. Well, if you can't
keep an eye on your own stuff...don't blame us. I feel personly about this.
I even let him use mine. When we left only the people from the club and the
guy from the pa where there...ask them but don't blame us. Two days after the
tour Richard, Rick and I are in NYC and their we run into the promoter of the
San Sebastian tour. We explain everything but its to late. First we hear that
they don't want any USA bands...later on its only 25 Ta Life, Comin' Correct
and NRSV. I hope this clears some stuff but the damage is done. This was def.
the bad part of the tour even while Spain further totaly ruled. After the European
tour Richard and I join Rick to the USA to play some shows there. We stay at
Dean of NRSV and hang out in Queens. We play with Hatebreed, Earth Crises, NRSV,
Candiria, Death Threat etc. We both return home before planned and both miss
the SuperBowl of HC in DC(w/SOIA, AF etc), which would have been our last shows.

15. How did you get in contact with Rick ta Life?

I got in contact with him when we booked a show for 25,Comin' Correct and Krutch.
CC and Krutch had to cancel and since CC always had different members in the
US we decided to do some songs. Thats when i got to know him better. I have
done alot of things thanks to him that i never dreamed of doing. I played at
CBGB's, at the Dour fetsival infront of thousands kids, played with Hatebreed,
toured allover Europe etc. etc. Despite all the rumors flying around i woundn't
let him down.

16. If you have the chance to play the star in a brand new movie, which film
would you choose?

A mob movie with Robert DeNiro, Richie Krutch and i. Robert is the enemy of
Richie and i and we take care of business. We control the whole HC scene and
everybody who tries to get a piece of it...they never here of them again. We're
the 6th mob family of NYC. Everybody thinks their are only 5 but they don't
know about us. Just ask Gotti, he knows and respects us. We're family.

17. What's your favorite embarrassing band?

They are Dutch and called Twarres. They've only one song out and i like it
but most of my friends laugh about it when i say i like it.

18. What comes in your mind when you think about:

a) Fascism....

this sucks and is for close minded idiots.

b) Hip Hop...

mostly boring, sometimes cool

c) Alice Cooper....

a great businessman

19. What are your future plans?

Do release the hardest and best hc album ever made in Holland and to reach
the same level as the hc bands i like, play as many shows as possible and get
our band with Aaron going to a full band.

20. Some final words?

Shout outs to all our friends worldwide. A big thank you to Allschools for
this interview and everything else. Check our webside at
If you wanna know more about us, book us or whatever...just contact us at