Interview mit Deep In Hate



Hello there, who is answering my questions?

Hello, it’s Florian, I am one of the two guitarists in Deep In Hate.

First of all, can you please tell our readers something about the history of DEEP IN HATE?

Deep In Hate was created in 2004 by Vince (lead guitar) and Bastos (drums), but it was only the foundations of what the band would eventually become. The real story began in 2008 when the first album Only the Strong Survive was released. The line-up would only stabilize eventually though, in 2011 with the release of Origins of Inequality. As for today, we are excited because the new album Chronicles of Oblivion was just released early June, while we were opening for Arch Enemy on their French tour!

Can you tell me something about the French-Tech-Death-Scene? Does this kind of scene even exist?

Well, it does exist, even if it may not be the most vivacious one! There are also an emergence of bands doing djent.

Researching your band you often stumble about the word “Deathcore”. For me, there are only few moments on your third album “Chronicles Of Oblivion” that remind me of this genre. Can you tell why the people nevertheless try to connect you with it?

It is often difficult to categorize our music by ourselves.
On our precedent record there was the idea of doing a "brutal Deathcore".
I think it is from here that the word deathcore was kept.
But I am glad that you put your question that way, we do not reny our deathcore influences but we also think they are only « influences », and that we are a modern Death metal band, if anything.
It is a pity when people only stop at the deathcore notion, but it is funny to see how critics sometimes despise it, whatever the popular welcome.

What is the greatest strength of DEEP IN HATE (on “Chronicles Of Oblivion”)? What separates you from other bands?

Excellent question, it is hard to answer, someone from the outside should be asked…
Our greatest strength may be the fact that we love all kinds of metal and have the technical abilities to do whatever we want, but it may have been our weakness, when it comes to create an identity and something homogeneous.
We tried to make a record with various atmospheres and sounds, but with the idea that every moment should matter, and every riff should have a purpose.

My main critic point on “Chronicles Of Oblivion” is the midtempo-feeling of the whole record. It seems to me, that you always work with hand brake on. Can you understand this critic?

Interesting point of view…
I would say that it was conscious, we wanted to evolve and define our sound, our atmosphere and melodies. When you are going full-speed, I think you often lose some « thickness » in the music, like in real life, the more you gain speed the more your surroundings become blurred, if you see what I mean.
In the end it may be that « midtempo-feeling » that makes people think we are more deathcore than death metal, but I would not see it as a problem.
We have done the faster and crazier stuff previously, on Origins of Inequality for example.
Now it was time to try something else, but I note what you said, that it may give the feeling that the tempi do not vary enough and that we should sometimes go full speed.

Another critic point is the balance between catchy melodies and technical perfection - The pendulum often tends to swing to the latter. Have to any explanation for this feeling?

The explanation lays in our past I think, at first the band was a Brutal Death band, with the aim of going fast and clinic.
The second album was more open but more progressive, and the notions of melodies and atmosphere really began to be a priority on this third record.
We are happy with the balance we achieved, but there are strong probabilities that the catchy melodies gain even more place on the next songs!

How important is technical perfection to you in general? A huge amount of the (Death Metal) Bands nowadays tend to be very clinic and play nearly as good as machines but lack life and character. Do you think it is hard to find the right mix of perfection and a “human-sound”?

It is really hard, indeed!
That race towards perfection has had the effect of having our ears used to it, so that it is hard not to be part of it in our style.
Besides, that technical accuracy is allowing for bigger and thicker sounds, with productions that have been more and more compressed over the years.
It is flattering and powerful, but it takes some life out of the music, because the dynamics are not the same.
In the end, if bands dare not withdraw from that path (bigger and bigger productions, yet sounding more and more ‘the same’), they have to create their identity by focusing on songwriting and how that type of sound can serve their music.

Can you imaging going away of your present very clinic sound in the future?

I can imagine it, but I am unable to say if it is the path that we will be following !
I am really sensitive to the sounds BEHEMOTH (in "The Satanist") and GOJIRA have achieved, so we will probably keep what we have done with "Chronicles Of Oblivion" as an amazing new starting point and take a step in another direction…

How and where did you record the album? Can you imaging recording such an monster “live” or is it nearly impossible to play as tight as you hear the music on the final product?

We recorded the album « at home », with our own gear and in our own studios, with the amazing Julien Delsol, who is also our live sound engineer. He supervised everything, from the recording sessions to the mix and mastering processes.
We would not think about recording that kind of music « live ».
It is easier, and it saves a lot of energy, to record the drums first, then to add the strings one by one.

Obligatory last question: What’s planned in the future? Can we expect you to play anywhere in Germany in the near future?

Yes ! We are obviously working on booking as many dates as possible, and with a german promoter among others.
But the idea would be to plan tours in Europe, not only one or two shows in one country, so it takes time. That being said, if we have the opportunity to come and play in Germany, we will do it for sure !

Thanks for answering my questions, feel free to add anything if you want to.

Thank you for this interview and thanks to all the readers. I hope they will have a listen of our new album, and that they will check our two last music videos, New Republic and Altars of Lies. Any feedback is appreciated !
Cheers !