Interview mit Destinity



1 - First of all, would you please introduce yourself ? How old are you, what is your mantra, hobbies, do you have any children, pets ?

I am 31 years old and I’m the singer of DESTINITY since the creation of the band fourteen years ago. I have no time for any children or pets, (Laughs). About my band, DESTINITY has always played aggressive / melodic extreme metal for over fourteen years now and the early years of the band sound like a mix of black & death metal. But we evolved a lot throughout the years... Since the release of "Synthetic existence" (2005) we started playing Thrash / Death metal with more samples and melodic parts in our songs. The release of « The Inside » (2008) on LIFEFORCE Records was the confirmation for the band and we are waiting for the new one available soon !

2 - What do you all do aside from DESTINITY?

Many different jobs actually between the tours… It is difficult because we don’t earn to much money with the band but we try to play a lot ! My bandmates are working in different jobs as well...

3 - Can you explain to us the story of DESTINITY ?

This idea was already in our minds at our first meeting many years ago ! It is a typical story of teenagers creating a band and practicing at home during our first years.
We worked a lot and we always set new goals and things happened pretty well for us…

4 - Where does your band name come from ?

We created the band as teenagers and we were looking for a strange band name that was unique ! We tried to do a mix of some words. It's just a name and we can't change it today anymore! (Laughs).

5 - On Feb 22nd the fans can finally buy your new album. What can the fans expect ?

I believe the latest album is much more complete than « THE INSIDE » with a lot of Thrash ’n Death metal parts dedicated to all the crazy headbangers. All the choruses and songs are much darker than before !

6 - DESTINITY started as symphonic Black Metal band, your new output “XI Resons To See” is more melodic symphonic Death Metal like AT THE GATES, THE DUSKFALL or EDGE OF SANITY with symphonic elements. Where is the Black Metal ?

DESTINITY evolved a lot since its creation in 1996. We were very young at the creation and of course we zre better musicians than the past and our influences changed a lot ! This evolution took time throughout the years, it came naturally !

7 - What were your influences for this album, for the music as well as the lyrics.

Everything that happened in our lifes ! This last year was very dark for some of us. This definitely oriented the lyrics and the general atmosphere of the album.

8 - When comparing to past efforts, what is your opinion about the quality of the new stuff ?

The production at Hansen studios (Denmark) is much better than in the past and Jacob did an amazing job ! We worked a lot and we are better musicians on each new album…

9 - Since two releases you are on the german label Lifeforce Record. How is it to work with those guys ?

I definitely can say we were very lucky because we have been fans of this label company for many years and we decided to send only ONE promo-cd of « THE INSIDE » to them ! The answer and proposal was pretty good and we signed directly with them. It is a pleasure to work with a professional record label !

10 - France is your homeland. What can you say about Death Metal in France ? Please tell us about the local metal scene in your city ?

I am very proud to see French bands as our friends from Benighted, Dagoba, Hacride and of course Gojira be what they are today ! The era of mediocrity in France is over and here we are to kick asses ! In our city there is not so many famous bands but some of them sound very good as Obnoxious for exemple.

11 - What's next for DESTINITY ?

Touring !

12 - Are you already planning a tour through Europe and especially Germany ?

We are working on a tour with Darkane and Nightrage and of course some concerts in Germany will be booked ! It is always a pleasure to play in your country and we hope to be there very soon !

13 - Have you any final words for ?!

Thanks for your interest with the band and listen to this new album ! Stay fuckin’ METAL !!! See you soon on the road !