GET THE SHOT - im Interview



GET THE SHOT sind ab Ende Juni auf Tour. Neben Festivals stehen auch einige Clubshows auf dem Programm. Die Band präsentiert dabei ihr aktuelles Album "Infinite Punishment". Wir hatten die Möglichkeit der Band vorab einige Fragen zu stellen und freuen uns euch die kanadische Hardcoreband auf Tour zu praesntieren.


allschools presents:


28.06.2018 (DEU) Gardelegen, Metal Frenzy Open Air
30.06.2018 (DEU) Giebelstadt, Mission Ready Festival
01.07.2018 (DEU) Losheim, Reality Bites
04.07.2018 (DEU) Hamburg, Fabrique (Gängeviertel)
05.07.2018 (DEU) Essen, Don’t Panic
09.07.2018 (DEU) Chemnitz, AJZ
03.08.2018 (DEU) Breitungen, Bretinga Open Air
07.08.2018 (DEU) Trier, Ex-Haus
08.08.2018 (DEU) Stuttgart, Juha West
09.08.2018 (DEU) Torgau, Endless Summer
11.08.2018 (DEU) Vilmar, Tells Bells Festival



ALLSCHOOLS: First of all, thanks for your time to do this interview. In August 2017 you released your third LP „Infinite Punishment“. Tell us all about it. Why did you choose the title and what´s the message?

GET THE SHOT: All our albums can be conceived as desperate attempts to give sense to personal tragedies and existential turmoils. Infinite Punishment represents that vicious powerlessness in the face of the continuing failures and losses I was experiencing at the time. I was under the impression that sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how devoted you can be, things keep on crashing down and you can’t do anything but endure the endless downfall. 

ALLSCHOOLS: What are the main musical differences between „Infinite Punishment“ and your previous LPs „No Peace in Hell“ and „Perdition“ in your opinion?

GET THE SHOT: Musically, the new album shows our thrash and death metal influences more than it ever did before. We definitely reached some kind of maturity on this record, finding the definitive and specific sound that characterizes Get The Shot’s approach. It is still and over all a hardcore record but with more refined metal edges. 

ALLSCHOOLS: In my opinion, „Infinite Punishment“ is one of the best Hardcore LPs of recent years. Among amazing breakdowns and cool guitar solos, you did something funny at the end of „Evil Rites“ by finishing it up with a country song. Who came up with the idea?

GET THE SHOT: I came up with the idea. The sampling is actually a common thing especially in rap music and even in hardcore sometimes. The song we used is a classic song by Roy Orbison called Only The Lonely that everyone in the band love. We listen to so much musical genres in and out of the van that I wanted to make an homage to the other heartbreaking songs that shaped our lives. Plus, the lyrics of the sample completely fit the context of Evil Rites. 

ALLSCHOOLS: Last November you toured Europe with LIONHEART and NASTY. This summer you’ll be back again for the UNLEASH THE BEAST TOUR. Do you enjoy playing some shows better than working on a new LP?

GET THE SHOT: We love both writing and touring but they are definitely two different challenges. I have always been in love with all the creation process because, as a vocalist, I really see it as the moment when you can aesthetically give shape to your demons and what torments you the most. This is really fulfilling, it helps you move forward with your life and find your place in the absurdity of existence. But the writing process is always a very long and difficult one for us. Doing shows, on the other hand, is just pure fun and giving all you’ve got for 30 minutes 20 times in a row. It is physically demanding but always rewarding. You get to know tons of awesome bands and human beings, that is priceless! But at the same time, you have to leave behind the ones you love at home every time you go on the road. That it something I find harder as I grow older.

ALLSCHOOLS: You're gonna play some German cities, for example Hamburg or Essen. What are the main differences between the shows in Germany and the shows in your home country Canada?

GET THE SHOT: Germany has a way bigger hardcore scene than Canada. We’re lucky to have one the best scenes in North America here in Quebec. But it is a really small universe if we compare it to Germany where there are a lot more people in the shows and the events are definitely more massive. Germany, I think, has also a more politically engaged scene. So some of the topics we raise in our songs, such as the necessity to fight fascism and to criticize the different forms of oppression, clearly generate more response here in Europe than in Canada.