Interview mit Man Overboard



Hey punks, how are you doing?

-pretty good! hanging out in glasgow!

You’re on tour through Europe now for the first time, right? How does it feel to be here far away from home?

-its insane to be on the other side of the ocean and have people know your songs. its one of the coolest feelings ever. we are having a blast though. meeting new people, playing music, hanging w/ transit - its a blast.

In the uk and the us this pop-punk thing is growing so hard while pop-punk in germany isn’t that big. But what do you think: why should pop-punk get bigger over here and what will Man Overboard do for this?

-I think different types of things catch on at different times in different cities, scenes, cultures, etc. I believe that pop punk will get bigger in Germany and the rest of Mainland europe shortly. I love europe so I want to be one of the first bands from the "pop punk revival" as they call it, to play there a lot.

You’re signed to Rise Records. How does this worked for you? Have you send a lot of demos around or are rise records ringing at your door to work together?

-We were introduced to Matthew from Rise via our booking agent in America and we started talking. They are cool guys so it all worked out but yeah, we never sent out any demos to labels.

I listen a lot times to your record and I can do it everytime – cause it’s catchy. Is there a special method to write hits like these on “real talk”?

-Thats really more of a Zac question but he is just a naturally gifted songwriter.

How does the work on an Man Overboard record look like? Are you perfectionists or are you just happy when the whole thing stays?

-We worked with producer Jesse Cannon for Real Talk and our previous material. Hes a great producer and always gets the best performance out of you. He sort of makes us become perfectionists so its a great element to have in the recording process.

Do you listen to your own records or does this feel strange for you?

-When the album or recording is new I listen to it a lot so see if we need to make some changes and because its fresh but I dont typically listen to the album much after that. I hear the songs all the time live so thats enough for me! haha

So some last questions:

Your record of the year?
Hostage Calms self-titled album

Your band of the year? Transit from Boston

The best show you’ve seen 2010? We just did 4 shows with H2O and seeing them 4 nights in a show was pretttty rad.

Thanks a lot for taking time, I can imagine that it’s hard business while being on tour! Thanks!

-Thanks for everything!!!