Interview mit New Idea Society



Interview mit Mike von New Idea Society!

Your new record “Somehow Disappearing” is now released. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the album?

We recorded the album at Translator Audio in Brooklyn. It was produced by
Andy LeMaster, but we even got Andrew Schneider to track a few songs. It
spread out over about a year. We worked on some new material even after the
first round of recording as I felt the album was not quite dynamic enough or
broad in its scope. Originally it was going to be called Alone and that was
about the only feeling that it had on it, that of being alone. Luckily we
were patient and it formed into something more.

How was the feedback from the press and your fans?

There are more fans at our shows who are more and more excited than ever
before so I think it is quite positive. Plus, now with Trevor and Marshall
in the band we have a new energy and focus.

Did anything change in your sound since the last record?

Yes, it is a vastly different album. Our new album Somehow Disappearing is
full of complementary sounds and sonically much different. On the previous
record we concentrated more on finding wild spontaneous performances as it
was recorded live including vocals. On this new record we concentrated on
finding the performances, but also very specific sounds. I guess I would say
that the biggest difference was we were trying to create something as a band
all together and meld it into one unique sound. But it was crafted within
the sonic spectrum.

“Somehow Disappearing” is the product of two years work. Are you happy with
the final

Strangely I am. Of course I hear things now that I would change, but it is
the most happy I have ever been with an album. I say strangely because
usually I want to re-record everything right away. Now I am simply excited
to move on to something new.

What are the main topics of your songs? Does the album have any concept?

Sure, that is why it is called Somehow Disappearing. I think it blends the
feeling of being complete and total loneliness together since one cannot
exist without the other. It is a romantic and desperate album. Those two
feelings are also mostly intertwined.

What is the inspiration for your lyrics? Do you digest any personal feelings
or experiences in it?

Of course. The lyrics just come to me as though they were always there. I
think that sometimes it is my mind processing things without me knowing it.
When I am writing a lot I dream less. I never try to write lyrics. It is
kind of like they hang from a vine and I pluck them. I do work on refining
them sometimes, or pairing them down. I made a very conscious effort not to
make this album as verbose as the last. I wanted to make simpler statements
that said just as much. I also didn't use as much imagery.

How is your current tour? Do you have any funny story from a show you can
tell us about?

The current tour is my favorite so far. It feels very exciting to play every
night. The crowd responses are wonderful. About 20 minutes ago we almost had
a head on collision with an eighteen wheel truck. Today we are in
Transylvania to play a show, and tomorrow we are actually playing on a boat
on Duna in Budapest. I used to dream of the Danube as a child after reading
it on maps.

What do you expect from the future and the developement of your band?

I plan for us to make an album that truly expresses a feeling. Every second,
every sound. Somehow Disappearing was one I think. But there is something
else. I can feel it taking shape. I know it is coming.

If you can choose only one band you can tour with, which band would that be?

Can I say the Beatles? The Beatles.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you like our album spread the word and tell your friends. I love word of