Interview mit Rimmshot



Rimmshot is a quite unknown band, give us a short introduction about yourself and the band?

We've been spreading hate since '94.Since that time we released a demotape ("Get out of my way"'95),2 full length CD's ("Denial of Truth" '97 + "The Darkness in Me" '03),and a compilation CD for I Scream Records called "The New League of Hardcore Vol.1" '99.We
recked stages with Blood for Blood, Biohazard, Crowbar, Cold As Life, Kickback, Tech
9,Discipline and many more. It has been quiet for a while since 2000 'cause I was working abroad quite a lot. But now we're back together again and ready to spread some more Hate across the world!

How would you describe your kind of music to someone who never heard of you ?

It's a brutal combination of (death-)metal and hardcore with lyrics and riffs in it that make you
want to brake stuff and go completely mad. So all together it's good music for metal- as well as hardcore freaks.

You just released your new Album "The Darkness in me". How are the reactions so far?

Reactions are very positive. The CD-reviews are great. We never scored under 80 points so far, so it's not bad at all! We just need a lot of shows to play to let people see that we're capable of.

Why did you released the Album by yourself?

Because I got fucking sick with record labels. A lot of promises and long waiting lists. If you want something done it's sometimes better to do it yourself.

"The Darkness in me" is recorded in 2001 in just 1 day and mixed in 2 Days. The Production is quite good, okay it could be better, but what `s the reason, you decided to make this Album so fast? And why did it take you so fucking long to release it?

'Cause at that time we didn't have a budget to book the studio for more then 3 days. It took so long to release because we were waiting for a record company to come through, and like I said: a lot of promises but nothing there. fuck 'em! That's why after waiting for too long we decided to release the album ourselves.

Your Lyrics have a lot of frustration and anger against other people. Where does all the hate comes from?

All the hatred comes from people who did us wrong. And of course from all the fucked up things happening in this fucked up world with all the fucked up people on it. The music is a good way to let go of my anger.

The artwork of the new CD is complete different than the Promo CD. Why did you choose for a new Design?

The first cover was from a comic called "The Darkness" which of course was under copyright and they didn't want the comic to be related to our hateful music (Faggots!)'cause it would give people a wrong idea about the comic. That's why we chose for the new

design which is even better.

What are the aims you try to achieve with the band? And personally, what are important aspects of your life?

Our aims are to see how far we can get. To see if there's a good, trustful record label who's willing to help us to achieve our goals. To make sure people know who we are and will not forget about us. To tour in Japan!! Aspects in life :to play forever, get rich and spank as many bitches as possible. No offence ladies!!

If you were stuck on an island with only one person, who would you want it to be and why?

Either Chaisey Lane so I could spank her ass all day long or God so I could kick his ass forever for creating such a fucked up world.

What are your favourite records at the moment?

Malevolent Creation "The will to Kill", Strapping Young Lad "City", Death "Symbolic" and Slayer "God hates us all".

Did you make the outro  with real fart sounds from your own ass?

I wish we did!! Would be possible if I had a recorder strapped to my ass all day long!!

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

To play as many gigs as possible and to find a trustworthy record label.

What's going on with your site? Where can people find out what's going with Rimmshot?

Forget about the old website. A new one is being created as we speak and I hope it's on line soon.

Thanks for the interview, any last comment?

Yeah, thanks a lot for your support! Keep the Hate coming and don't forget to check out our shows!!!!

Take care!