Interview mit Ruiner



Your new Record is released. How do you feel about that?

When the record came out I was very pleased, we all were. A lot of hard work went into it and we couldn’t have been more excited to finally get it out there.

"Hell Is Empty" is really a significant title for the record. I never listened to hardcore-lyrics that are so intensive and tell those stories. Sometimes when I listened to your record I thought about Bob Dylan or some other Singer/Songwriter because it was so storytelling and without a clear songstructure like "refrain / bridge / chorus". Is it hard to write lyrics like these or did you know from the first time that this record will be like this?

I’ve always sort of wrote in a story telling structure. We don’t really write chorus’s in our songs on purpose so its just what I am left to work with. With this record I handled it much of the same as I would any. We write the music then I sit down with basement demos and usually a lot of notes I write myself to remind me of different things I wanted to expand on. I usually write different versions of the same idea a million times before I am entirely satisfied or at least as satisfied as I feel like I will become.

The whole record sounds for me like a very deep trip with old, dark memories in itself. When you stay on stage and sing these lyrics isnt it hard for you too share those memories?

I wouldn’t say its hard. I’m a very open person when it comes to my experiences. There isn’t much in my life I am not willing to talk about. I have massive trust issues when it comes to people who aren’t willing to bare all, which I realize is a very excentric way to go through life but thats me. Some nights its difficult to think about certain things more than others and some nights I don’t want to play some songs for just that reason but as a whole its not a big issue for me.

In the booklet of "Hell Is Empty" is a Picture of Baltimore with the Title "The Greatest City In America". All the Pictures are very dark and full of dreariness. Is "Hell Is Empty" a swansong/farewell to baltimore?

Not at all. I love Baltimore. I have no desire to ever leave the area unless I finally give in to my desire to live in the woods far from humanity (that will probably happen). The pictures in the book are suppose to have two sides to them. Yes we are showing some of the things we see in Baltimore on our daily travels but the creatures through out the book are sort of tongue and cheek at the same time. Like this band its suppose to represent that not everything should be so serious.

The Record got some very hard Rock influences and left the "real" hardcorethings behind. Are you tired of all the standard-hc records?

I’ve been tired of the standard for a very long time. Though occasionally I still find something new that reminds me of a band that got me into this. For the most part I like to hear someone pushing the envelope a bit. We all like a lot of different things and I think this record showcases that a bit more than our past LP.

When I see the clouds with eyes on the booklet and the lyrics to "Solitary" I think that there is a impression of a pursuit of god or the devil. Do you think, someone watches all of our activities?

Maybe Aliens? I’m not an athiest but I don’t believe in a God or Gods. I think the bible is a book of good ideas in some degree. With out the influence of major religions of this world we would be a much different culture I am sure. In most respects for better off with out in my eyes but there are a lot of things, more than even the most rational of man care to acknowledge, have greatly influenced for the better.

I am open to be convinced that some all powerful being is staring down playing us as puppets. But I dont think I will ever be convinced of such. Ill take my chances with being curious.

In december you are touring germany. What do you think about the german fans in front of the stage?

Germany as always treated us great and we are excited to come back. One thing I love about Germany is the same kids will come to different shows through out the country and if they think you were better or worse from the other nights they will tell you. That honesty is not found, in person, in america. Kids wait until they have the safety of a computer screen to share an honest opinion with anyone.

Are you looking forward to play the new songs live?

Yes very much so.