Interview mit Seahaven



So what did you think of your show today in Osnabrück?

It was good. From the beginning we have gotten a lot of people asking for us to come over to Germany specifically, Europe and the UK included, but specifically Germany. We were all very excited to finally get over here, it is our first time doing it and i thought it was good. The Story so Far are great friends of ours, we are pretty much best friends, but there is definitely a difference in the sound, so it is interesting seeing (whether it would be here or anywhere else in Europe) people that come for TSSF hearing something that is different and then you have people in the front that are singing the words, that have been waiting for many years for us to come over so we are very very excited to finally be able to do that. We are also very excited about the new people, that never heard us before.

Which bands would you say sound similiar to SEAHAVEN? I think it is very hard to put Seahaven into a genre, some people say it’s indie music while others think that you are not that far away from TSSF. What are your influences?

That is the beautiful thing about it, there is the fact that we can come over here and play to people that are coming for TSSF and don‘t really know our sound but at the same time, it is not the furthest thing apart, there a some common threats, so it works. But concerning similarities, i think that is just a matter of kind of melodies, something that is catchy in a way.
As far as our sound goes, I’m not sure because it’s always changing, were always listening to different things. Some listeners want to hear the same record over and over again but every new project we do seems like a complete polar opposite of everything we did before. Especially the newest material (unreleased material) is a very big leap from the last one. As far as influences, I‘ve gotten that question a million times but it is such a hard one to do it, because there is so much involved with it. It’s not like „we listen to these bands and that is why we sound like this“. It’s a lot of things across the board, it’s not even just music. A lot of influence is from visual art or dreams. I take a lot of influence from things like that

Do you write down the dreams? Because I can’t remember mine.

Yeah, I record my dreams. Not every single time. I record my dreams, write it down, you would be surprised: A lot of ideas or even entire songs would come to me subconsciously while I’m sleeping, in my dreams, so I would say you’re out of head. I would say that is the biggest influence.

The last two days, you played Antwerpen and Eindhoven. Those were your first shows on the european mainland. How were these two shows?

They were good. Its honestly a beautiful thing to see that we come from playing in the States where we can kind of feel out how a show is gonna be judging by where it is, what time of the year. You can kind of figure out how that will turn out but over here, it is a complete first. The fact that people are even standing in the room watching us is a succes, in my eyes at least. So they were great shows. You can tell the listeners that know us and know the words and you can tell the new faces, like tonight. But is definitely interesting, cause you are used to you play in the States and then you come over here and you can be sure that no one has seen us before.

In the summer of 2012, you played some shows in the United Kingdom with Balance & Composure, Pianos Become The Teeth and Departures, for example the Hevy Fest. Why was it UK only and how did that small tour turn out?

We got asked to do that tour a little later in the game and it was kind of already set up and ready and then we got asked for that. It was kind of a gamble because flying over here definitely is a lot of commitment and money and we were only going to be there for five days, not even on the mainland. But we didn‘t wanna pass it up and B&C and PBTT are great friends of ours so we thought that would be a great opportunity but it was definitely a solid tour. We really wanted to come to the mainland, it just wasnt our choice at the time. Obviously Hevy Fest was a big show but the club shows were all fairly balanced out. Fairly the same, there was never a show were no one showed up. This tour right now is a little bigger as far as the rooms go, but on the UK tour the rooms were a little smaller but they were filled, so both of them were positive, there wasnt much negative on the neither.

You have been on tour for a month and a half with Transit in America. How did that tour turn out to be? Was it your first time touring for such a long time? Was it exhausting?

It was definitely absolutely fantastic tour, very good people and good music on that tour. It was long, but once you get past two weeks, it is a blur anyway. I mean if anything, I’m most nervous about this tour right now because it is not only a month of tour, which is pretty standard, but it is a long tour in a complete foreign country for us. That is kind of intimidating.
It was long and you are happy when you get to go home but it was a very good tour, everyone was happy.

Are their differences between the european and the american scene?

That‘s a very tricky questiong because like I said, if we play California, it is gonna be wild. It is gonna be mayhem crazy. But that is where we live and we played a lot of shows there. We have never played here, so it very hard to judge what it is like in Europe when it is the first time we are ever here. The first time we played in California, there were maybe two people. As far as the reception of the crowd, it is just hard to tell because you don‘t really know who has seen you or wants to see you. It is just a complete new thing, starting from scratch.

Concerning bands, are there any european bands that you are really into?

I love the beatles. Like bands in the scene? I dont know of many. We played with Departures on the UK tour, they were really cool. I am going to forget somebody for sure. You can really love a band but not know that they are from Europe. You have read their name, and they played shows in the States and you can‘t really figure out that they are from Europe unless you talk to them and hear the accent. I‘m not quite sure of everyone that is from over here. But im pretty particular with music anyway. Basement and Departures and every band we know from Europe are great bands.

You played Sound & Fury in 2011 and 2012. I know many people from Europe that would fly to America for the line-ups they put up each year and some that did fly. What do you think about that fest? How is the vibe?

It was very very fun. We played two years, the first one was awesome and the second one was more than we could ever ask for. It is interesting, it is mainly hardcore but they throw in bands, kind of like us, and other bands of that nature, and it works and kids are into it. It is a good vibe. It is in kind of a beach town so the weather is nice, you go out and you go down to the boardwalk, or whatever. It is a good environment, everyone is there to have fun and it is definitely a good lineup. Flying over there from here is pretty intense, but there are a lot of good bands.

Jeremy of Touché Amoré said that his band would never play Warped Tour. Defeater and Citizen are playing that tour this year. Would Seahaven play it if you had the chance? What do you think about that?

Warped Tour is something that we all grew up on. Being a young kid, Warped Tour is a huge thing. It definitely has changed throughout the years, and you are going to have to weed out a lot to get to the good bands that are on the tour, but i just dont know if it would really work for us. I’m not gonna say „Well never play Vans Warped Tour“ like we are totally against it. We have a lot of friends on that tour and it is a great comradery, it is a great experience, a great thing for the summer. I just don‘t know if our music particurlaly would work well with that. Especially newer material that hasn‘t been released probably wouldn‘t really make much sense on Warped Tour. But it definitely is a great time, I dont have anything against it.

What are you guys doing besides Seahaven? Concerning jobs, university and stuff.

That is the trick. Trying to figure out how to make life work on the in-betweens, but all of us are just full forced for the band. Some of us have little jobs or ways to make money when we are at home but we tour a lot and even when we are not touring, me particularly at least, there is never a minute of my day where i am not working on something or working on planing something. And it has been a while and we have been quite for a little bit and people haven‘t heard much but i worked harder than i ever worked in my entire life in the past 4 or 5 months, so it will all hopefully end up coming out and making itself worth it but yeah, outside that we just try to get by to the next tour. You are only home for a month maybe and then you are leaving again so trying to get higher, or like trying to get trained takes a while and for a serious job they are not going to want you. That‘s a big struggle. Every single band has to deal with that until things make themselves work out, but it is what it is.

Are there any side-projects?

Seahaven started from a side-project. It started as myself making acoustic music and playing it in coffee shops and stuff like that. And then i wanted to make it a full band and then it turned into what it is now. There was always solo stuff and then.. I dont know. I kind of laid low. No matter what type of music, I don‘t know what it will be but i think somewhere in some sort of future there will definitely be some other things. But it will probably sound nothing like what we do with Seahaven.

I saw that you (Kyle) play acoustic shows on your own, too. Are there any plans on expanding the acoustic thing to an acoustic project or are you playing acoustic stuff as a band (Seahaven) from time to time?

I think about it. Like I said, this started off acoustic so when I write songs, if it‘s on an acoustic guitar it usually gets translated and put into full band Seahaven songs. Now its like we are not really afraid to put that kind of material on record. Seahaven is slowly just turning into a musical outlet on every front. It doesn‘t have to be hard rock song, it doesn‘t have to be loud. If it gives us a feeling , why not let people hear that? But as far as doing things purely on my own, it is too early to tell. It is definitely a possibility, it could happen.

It’s been almost two years since you released your Debut LP „Winter Forever“. I couldn’t find anything in the internet concerning a new output. So what’s the deal? Are there new songs written?

We have a record. It will be coming out, it was supposed to happen in the fall but it had to be pushed back for a few reasons.

So you have recorded it already?

It’s done. I have it on my phone right here. We are very excited about it, we are just trying to time it right, just trying to get everything situated and make things happen. It just takes masters and artworks and street dates and distrubutional stuff, there is a lot of technical stuff. It is not like you just record it and then you put it out. There’s just things that come in the middle of it and some things take longer. Especially now, we are in Europe and that is going to slow things down but it will come out sooner or later.

Are there any smaller bands that (perhaps from the states) you would recommend to listen to?

Some friends of ours, a band called Souvenirs. The American Scene is a great band, they are over here right now with Letlive. Hopefully we will meet up with them. We are like right behind each other by a day. We played with a band one time, called Junior Astronomers, they are from North Carolina. I have a lot of friends that make music that I like. Poets of Abstract, that’s underground Hip-Hop.

Any last words?

We are happy to be in Europe and I can‘t say exactly when but we have some things that we would love the world to hear so.. hopefully sooner or later they will be released.