Interview mit The Sword



Interview vom 17.Mai 2009

Bryan Richie – bass
Trivett Wingo – drums

Hey I am Isa!
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Ok let's start:

So guys - tell me something about your feelings and your impressions during this big Tour with Metallica!!!!!!!
Are you enjoying it?

Trivett Wingo:
Oh yeah!!! It’s surprising that it’s ending right now! This is really like the last show for us, of the whole European and the US tour as well. There are a lot of impressions, but let’s say, right now we have had a lot of fun in Germany.

We have been in Germany a couple of times before, but we’ve never played these many shows on a German tour in front of such a large quantity of people – We like the guys from Metallica a lot they are all very very nice - and just have a look tonight – we’ve got a surprise for ya all !!!!

Why has Metallica chosen you "The Sword" for being their opener?

Trivett Wingo / Bryan Richie:
…cause we are the best! :)

With which other band have you been on stage before?

Bryan Richie:
A lot of bands you maybe haven’t heard of… we usually do mostly headliner tours for instance: with “Torche, Year long disaster and Clutch“. We haven’t actually done a lot of Europe. But we really do like it here and hope to come back very soon (performing the new Album).

Your last album "Gods Of The Earth" - what is it about?

Trivett Wingo / Bryan Richie:
We’re in an age of winners :)

Ain’t really nothing more to say – just listen to it and enjoy our tunes – and give your fantasies a free run!

I would like to know what was your inspiration and motivation regarding your last album "God of the earth"? How long did it take until you were satisfied?

Trivett Wingo:
We decided to go ahead and see if we can be “Gods of Europe” :)

Maybe, we didn’t finished it completely, but Never mind! In the end we all got very satisfied :). We didn’t spend much time while recording the album in the studio. It just took us a few workdays and, ähmm, I mean, it’s a damned good record. But, of course you can always do a little better :)

I have listened through your albums / EPs/demos (Age Of Winters - Gods Of The Earth - The Sword - Freya - Split with Witchcraft) and recognized that it remembers me of Black Sabbath ! Have they been your inspiration or is it just coincidence?

Trivett Wingo:
Always this question … I think there are some similarities, environmental by these bands; there are influences, kind of, yeah!

Bryan Richie:
But actually I am very much inspired of Led Zeppelin and the Melvis.

How did you come together (as a band)? Was is clear from the first moment that you form a band?

Trivett Wingo / Bryan Richie:

We gathered specifically to form a band, it was really scattered. We started in a very kind of serious mentality about it.

What's your vision for the future?

Trivett Wingo / Bryan Richie:
Yeah, we will take a time off and to find inner peace like a year or something. Maybe we’ll release another record and – and make more money. Har har! We really do need more money…

What about the internet? Do you consider the internet as a chance for the whole music industry and you as a band? Or is it only destroying?

Trivett Wingo:
Internet is an essential part of global commerce… ways for people to find out about bands in seconds, you know – rather than… you don’t order something and it comes in the mail or – I think the internet it’s a very helpful tool to assimilate information, but everyone is coursing it.

The last words are yours :

Buy our album – buy our album! Go to our shows! Buy our album in Germany!