Interview mit Tracedawn



Hey, who am I talking to?
Roni, the guitar dude.

Your new album is out for a while now. How are the reactions so far?
The reactions have been quite good so far. I think Breed Insane divided opinions at the time we released it as our first single. But that was something we already expected before even recording the song.

Are you still happy with “Lizard Dusk” or do you want to change some parts now the album is out?
I think we're all really happy with the album. We worked on the songs for so long that I don't think there's anything we'd like to change.

Where are the biggest differences between your last album “Ego Anthem” and the new one (Apart from different songs ;) )? Where have you developed the most?
This time we produced and recorded the album by ourselves. That was propably the biggest difference. Of course the songs itself sound quite different. This time they're more melodic and we even have some clean guitar parts. But there's also some pretty heavy shit going on.

There are many styles on your album. Where do you get all your inspirations from?
I think the influences come from whatever Tuomas is digging at the moment. Of course we all take part in arranging the stuff, so you get a lot of different perspectives.

Do you think you stand out from the Finnish Melodic Death Metal Scene or the Melodic Death Metal Scene in general? If you think so, in which way?
I think we might still stand out because of the age issue. Some people seem to think that the guys in the band are still 17.

On your new album „Lizard Dusk“ your guitar player took the clean vocals and a new singer took over the growls. Had these changes any influence on your songwriting?
No, I don't think so. Most of the songs were written a long before Antti left the band so pretty much all of the clean vocal parts were already planned. Niko has got a cool sense of rhythm in his singing so I think having him as the growl-vocalist made the songs turn out even better and groovier.

How is your songwriting anyway? Is every member of the band involved?
Tuomas writes most of the stuff and comes up with most of the arrangement ideas. Pekko also wrote two songs for the new record and also came up with half of the lyrics for the album. Niko was responsible for the other half.

For me there were too many different elements in some songs and I didn't know where these songs want to go. Can you understand that feeling? Are you aware of scaring some people of by putting so much stuff in one song?
There might be a few more experimental songs on the record but I think most of the songs are much more simple than the stuff on the previous albums. At least the structures are quite clear. But there's also a lot of stuff that you don't usually hear on heavy metal albums, like the groovy mid-part of Arabian Nights and jazzy chords in Nothing And Nowhere. And I think those parts just happened to turn out that way naturally, so we didn't really try to make the songs sound too prog. Things like that might sound like cool surprises to some listeners and like artsy shit to others.

You are a “very” young band but you have already three albums out yet. What are you goals as a band?
I think our main goal is to continue writing and performing music that we believe in. And if it get's us somewhere, that's cool. Of course it would be amazing to be the headliner for an European tour someday.

Thank you for your time and the interview.