Interview mit Until The End



1 Introduce yourself to our readers, please?

I'm john wylie and i play guitar in until the end along with running eulogy recordings.

2 How did UTE get together?

we joined together as a bunch of friends looking to play hardcore music just for fun.

3 In the beginning you had two singers. What happened with the other singer?

well alan wasn't really very good as most of you could hear and he was only in the band because he was our friend. he started to slack a bit w/ the band and we had a talk and both agreed it was best that he wasn't in the band anymore. this is probably the main reason our new cd is so much better than the old one.

4 What happened at your last show in NY- Cbgb’s ? I heard something about a fight and Mike Ski was involved ?

from what i know there was a fight during our last song and mike was somehow involved in breaking it up. we had no idea what was going on from the stage, we couldn't see b/c of the lights. i guess some stupid kid decided it was a good idea to stab mike in the leg. mike is ok though and the kids are being dealt with.

5 How was your US Minitour in general?

it went really well for all of the bands involved (unearth, this day forward, keepsake, and unsung zeros). excellent crowds every night and for us it was really good. we were really surprised since we haven't played any of those places before except one of them.

6 Why did you cancelled the European tour in Oktober 2001?

we didn't feel comfortable flying over there after what had happened september 11. we all have alot going on in our lives beside the band and none of us felt comfortable leaving those things at that time. we also consider the tour a vacation and we wouldn't have been able to enjoy ourselves under the circumstances. we felt it was better to reschedule it to a time when we could come over and enjoy ourselves.

7 Are you affraid to come over ( fly over ) now ?

i have never been a big fan of flying but i can definately say that i hate flying even more now after what happened. seeing as though i don't believe in god i can't really go along with many people's thoughts that you are going to go when it's your time. i think that you can do alot to affect the outcome of your life. i will definately still fly when i feel it's totally necessary but i try to not to fly much anymore.

8 How’s the feedback to Blood in the ink?

it has been really great so far. we wanted to write a record that reflected us as people and what we wanted to play. we weren't really too concerned with if people liked it or not. i'm happy to hear that kids are still into straight forward hardcore.

9 Why did you choose that name for your album?

there are alot of reasons but mainly because hardcore has been watered down so much now and most of what bands sing about is total garbage. they don't sound like they really believe what they say when you listen to their records. with this record we feel that you can hear that the lyrics and music reflect honest emotions that we have or had at the time the record was written. blood in the ink refers to the strength and sincerity behind the words.

9 Who designed the heavy artwork of the booklet, and what’s behind it?

ian rowan who runs eulogy with me designed the cd. to me he's an artistic genius as well as one of my best friends so i felt it was important to have him do the artwork. we just gave him the lyrics and let him go from there. the artwork reflects the lyrics and the overall theme of the record.

10 You’re an outspoken Straight Edge Band. What do you think about those Toughguy Music and Sexism Image ?

I guess your music will be combined with this too sometimes? i don't really care how people want to think of the band or what their opinion is about us as people. we play music that we want to play and write lyrics that we want to write. if people don't like it then they shouldn't buy the cd or come to the show. we totally don't care what other people's hardcore so get over it.

11 Why did you left EVR and moved to your own label and Alveran Records?

it was a mutual decision between us and equal vision records. the first ep was released by them but they didn't promote it as much as other releases because we weren't a touring band. this is totally understandable. i wanted to release this record w/ eulogy and alveran because i knew it would be alot better record and it would do well with alot of promotion. it worked out better for everyone in the end.

12 What are your interests besides Hardcore?

i like nba basketball, jeet kun doe (martial arts), playing other types of music, and spending time with my family.

13 Please tell us something about Eulogy Records?

it takes up most of my day........

14 You are no unknown Paper in the HC-Scene. Can you please give us a short Biography of your past in the different Bands?

culture, morning again, where fear and weapons meet, trust no one, until the end.

15 Which kind of music do you prefer personally?

i listen to a little of everything to be honest. i get tired of a certain type of music if i listen to too much of it. i like all different types of music.

16 Thanx for the interview, any last words?

thanks in advance for everyone that comes to the shows over there. we are coming over to have a good time and we are looking forward to it.