Interview mit Winds Of Plague



WINDS OF PLAGUE haben sich auf einer katholischen Schule gefunden und machen seitdem das, was sie am besten können: Einfach nur fiesen und unheimlich brutalen Death-Metal der durch marakante Keyboard-Melodien aus dem drezeit angesagten Deathcore-Brei ordentlich heraussticht. Ab dem 28.01.2008 wird ihr zweites Album "Decimate The Weak" in den Läden stehen und sicherlich einige Metalheads überraschen. Lest selbst, was Sänger John so zu sagen hat:

Who is answering my questions and can you tell me how Winds Of Plague was found and who was the one who came up with the idea to start the band?

- This is Johnny here. Winds Of Plague formed in the walls of our all boys catholic high school in La Verne, California. I guess it was my idea to start the band, so I started recruiting members from other lame bands that were at our school.

You recently got signed to Century Media Records. How do you feel about this?

- Well i seriously doubt we would still be a band if it wasnt for CM. The signing gave new life to the band and gave us the motivation we needed to get out and grab life by the throat.

Your new record is called “Decimate The Weak”! How have you experienced the recording-process?

- Recording is never fun for us, we are our own biggest critics so it can be quite the meticulous process. However Daniel Castleman is a rad dude and was alot of fun to be in the studio with. He has crop circle tattoos on his left arm because hes a weirdo.

There are two songs on “Decimate The Weak, “Origins and Endings” and “Decimate The Weak”, which seem to carry a lyrical concept. Can you may be explain that concept?

- Yea I was having a hard time thinking of a topic to write about, I wanted something that would be interesting to read. My friend had suggested to do something that included the character on the album cover, so I looked at this triumphant character and wrote his story. "Origins And Endings" is where his story begins. I like readers to read and form there own opinions so I dont want to give too much away but its basically how he sat in his village and watched these nomads come and rape and pillage. "Decimate The Weak" is the aftermath. Our once innocent character is now grown and fulled by revenge, so he seeks and destroys.

The use of keyboard-sounds seems to play an important role for your music. What was the reason that you came up with the idea of using them in your music?

- We originally just wanted a little part of one song to have some keys in it so we grabbed my brother who had taken a few piano lessons and had him play on this song. Im not sure how but we then wrote everything with keys and mutated into what we are today.

You seem to be influenced a lot by Hardcore and Death Metal! What are the main-influences and what is your favourite genre personal?

- We all have very different tastes in music which i think plays a huge roll in what we write. i personally like everything but im very picky in what bands i listen too. I pull from everything as far as the catchy vocal patterns of hip hop to the pissed in your face lines of hardcore and everything in between.

You have been recently on tour with Shai Hulud and Dead Hearts. Was is hard for you as a metalband to play mainly in front of HC-Kids?

-Absolutely. we expected it to be a little rough in some town, we lossed alot of crowds the second we set up a keyboard but we also had alot of amazing nights. More importantly we were just happy to be in Europe.

Comparing Europe with the USA: Where are the main-differnces for you as a band? Many bands love to come to europe because they get treated much better than in the USA. How do you think about that?

- Europe was alot different then the US. The shows werent quite as good because we have built ourselves up pretty well in the US but we felt alot more appreciated by both fans and promoters in Europe. Hopefully by coming over a few more times we can build up ourselves in Europe as well.

Part of your band is straight edge! Are there any conflicts sometimes when the other guys are partying and drinking?

- We dont really have conflict over the matter at all. Im straight edge and i party way harder then the drunks in my band.

John once said that epic films play an inportant role for your music. He mentioned for example the movie Lord Of The Rings. Can you explain how Lord Of The Rings can influence the sound of a Death Metal band?

- Its just one of those things that had an impact on us. not sure if its because were nerds or what but we literally would watch a movie while discussing song ideas. Hopefully on the next record with a higher budget and more time we will be able to pull off a few of the more radical ideal we have.

Maybe you got some last statement for our readers?

- Just want to thank everyone that has had a positive impact for this band. from the promoters to the kids that just come and hang out, you make being contantly broke and living in a van all worth it. thank you.