Allschools: Both of you have played big festival shows and support tours but also small, intimate venues in Europe and the US. What is the best setting to see your band?

The Static Age: I think both work really well for us actually, and we enjoy both settings for different reasons. It really depends on the individuals preference really. We’re gonna play the same regardless. And if it’s a bigger stage, it’s just a matter of utilizing the extra space.

Love Equals Death: As much as we all love to see tons of people at a huge venue, there's nothing like a packed, more personal, smaller venue to stir the energy of the room.

The Static Age and Love Equals Death both toured with AFI and you have also been on the same tour with Tiger Army and Street Dogs. Any special memories you can share from these tours?

The Static Age: A couple spring to mind, though I’m sure I’m forgetting many, because those tours were a lotta fun and we were surrounded by some awesome people. But here’s a couple stories. The first show on our first tour with AFI/The Explosion was in Montreal. We were finishing up soundcheck, and as I was getting ready to walk off with my bass, I didn't realize they hadn’t muted the DI Box. Well, I unplugged and the loudest thud, pop, any obnoxious loud noise you can imagine, came through the PA system. I can still feel it in my bones. I was mortified, my heart started to race, and I started sweating bullets with the thought that I had possibly just blown the PA system. Not a good first impression. Everything was fine though and the sound guys didn’t lose their shit on me. Moral of the story, always communicate with the sound guys. Also, one of my favorite shows we’ve played came from our second AFI/Explosion tour, right around Halloween time, was at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey. Just a fantastic time. Everything clicked. And when we toured with Tiger Army/Street Dogs, it was particularly fun for me because I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan, as are members of Street Dogs, and the tour was during the World Series in 2007, which the Red Sox were in. So on nights when a game was being played, it was great to get to enjoy it with those guys. Also of note, our future Drummer, Joe Sowinski, saw us for the first time when we played The Vic in Chicago, IL. I’ve always loved that. I’m definitely forgetting some, but those come to mind quickly.

Love Equals Death: Anytime Love Equals Death gets to play with AFI or Tiger Army it's a reunion show for people who live in or have lived in Ukiah. Jeremy, myself(Chon), Jade, Adam, Nick 13, and Dave all grew up together in Ukiah, California, so just playing together creates some good times and great memories.


When did you record these new songs for the 7" and what makes them special for you?

The Static Age: “Recover” has been a song we’ve worked on for a while. We’d start, stop, come back to it, etc. As far as “Fan and the Bellows,” that was recorded in August. Joe and I did the drums and bass in an afternoon with Dan Precision at Bombshelter Studio, and then Andrew and Nico finished everything else in Andrews home studio. Anytime you finish up a recording project it’s special. It’s always great to hear the finished result. We can play these songs till the end of time at practice, but until they’ve been recorded, ya never really know what you’ve got, and it changes the way you hear a song. And I really happy with how these came out. They’ve had new life injected into them.

Love Equals Death: Love Equals Death Started recording the songs for this 7" in late September. I believe it was the 21st. This record is special on so many levels. The obvious would be that we haven't released anything for several years and for personal achievement reasons as well. To finally get out of a funk and start playing music again feels great.

You are going to release the split 7" on Halloween. Do you plan to celebrate the day in any form?

The Static Age: We’ve talked about a couple things, but at present nothings been decided upon. So, stay tuned I suppose?

Love Equals Death: The 7" will be out on Halloween and so will we. We will celebrate by scaring kids and handing out candy.

What can we expect from Love Equals Death and The Static Age in 2021?

The Static Age: Well, that’s hard to answer. We definitely plan on finishing up other recordings we’ve been working on, but as far as predicting if shows will be played is tough. The pandemic will dictate that. And we’re a band that believes in science, and when the science says it’s safe, we’ll have a better idea. We want to play, We miss playing, and we miss going to live shows. But ya gotta be responsible.  

Love Equals Death: For Love Equals Death, we are working on a full length and we would love to get out on the road in 2021 and reconnect with people who were there in the beginning as well as meet new faces and bring them on board. We hope to tour with The Static Age in support of this 7" and if possible, get over to Europe to tour asap.