3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Zurück im Studio



Der Kanadische Metal-Sechser 3 Inches Of Blood ist zurück im Studio um den Nachfolger ihres 2005er Albums „Advance And Vanquish“ aufzunehmen, das im Frühjahr 2007 erscheinen soll.

Joey Jordison von Slipknot produziert das bisher noch unbetitelte Album. „Working with Joey has been awesome so far," so Sänger Jamie Hopper. „He's made a seamless transition onto the 3 Inches of Blood drinking team and is pushing us harder than ever before. We're coming up with some killer stuff, which we can't wait for everyone to hear." sagt Jordison, „I've been into 3IOB since „Battle Cry Under a Winter's Sun“. I've wanted to work with them since. Unfortunately, timing didn't work out, but in the spring of 2006, timing was right. The new lineup is lethal, stellar musicians. We honed in on every beat riff and vocal to make this a legendary recording. The musical equivalent to a beheading."