ABYSMAL DAWN ab Mai im Studio



ABYSMAL DAWN werden das Trench Studio in Corona, Kalifornien, im Mai zusammenin mit Produzent John Haddad (PHOBIA, INTRONAUT, HIRAX) betreten, um ein neues Album für Relapse Records einzuspielen. Für den "Programmed To Consume" Nachfolger wird Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, VITAL REMAINS, CANNIBAL CORPSE) für den Mix verantwortlich sein.

ABYSMAL DAWN's Charles Elliott sagt: "It's always great to work with John Haddad, whom we've worked with on our previous two releases.

"This time we thought we'd try something a little different though as far as the mix goes. After to speaking to Erik Rutan at great length, we know he's the man for the job. He's a living legend and knows how real death metal should sound! Everyone in the band is really excited to be working with him and we know this is going to be our most crushing release yet.

"We've been hard at work demoing all the material before we enter the studio and things sound amazing already! This will be our catchiest yet most extreme and technical release to date. We're also happy to be working with our new drummer Scott Fuller (HAVOK, SKITZO, ASHES OF ICONS). Scott comes from more of a thrash background but was born to play death metal and has never had the outlet for that until now. So far it's been a real pleasure to be in a band with someone with the same fire for this music as Mike and I again. A fitting replacement for Terry with even more chops to boot."