AJJ - Track-By-Track zu "The Bible 2" mit Sean Bonnette



AJJ-Frontmann Sean Bonnette erklaert die Hintergruende zu den einzelnen Titeln von "The Bible 2", der neuen Platte von AJJ (zuvor ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD), die am 19. August via SideOneDummy erscheint. Zudem gibt ers unten das aktuelle Video zum Song "Goodbye, Oh Goodbye" zu sehen.

"The Bible 2" Track by Track:

-Cody’s Theme
When I was young, I suffered from intrusive thoughts. I had convinced myself that the material world was false and that reality existed in a different dimension where humans were constantly at war and society had long since broken down. I imagined myself doing awful things. I was 12.


-Golden Eagle
This song is about a movie I saw about a guy who really wanted some friends. It was one of my favorite writing experiences because it came out so quickly. The vocal was a first take.


-Junkie Church
I wrote this song drawing from my experiences as an outreach worker for a homeless shelter. It’s about love and connection. The English animator RUFFMERCY made a beautiful video for this song with my friend R. Ariel. 

-American Garbage
I started writing this song in Germany, actually, when Preston and I were touring with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. We were watching the show Girls and I was struck by how much the character Shoshanna resonated with me. One of my favorite lyrics I have ever written is the “If I were one of the things…” line, because it is purposefully mediocre.


-No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread
This song came out of a mantra I started repeating myself when I would get stressed out. I wrote the lyrics to the bridge, the last part of the song, the night before we recorded it.


-Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
For the correct amount of gusto, I recorded the vocal take for this song with both of my middle fingers in the air.


-White Worms
The inspiration for the guitar riff on this song is Phoenix, AZ’s Dogbreth. They have some of the nicest guitars in punk music. Lyrically this song is filthy.

-My Brain is a Human Body
This is my favorite song on the album. It’s technically the oldest one in this batch, as the writing of it predates the release of our album Knife Man. 


“Some days you’re a member of Queen. Other days you’re a Kottonmouth King. Some Days you’re Emilio Estevez, other days you’re Charlie Sheen.” Do any of these references make sense in Deutschland? God I hope so.


-Small Red Boy
This song is based on an image I kept drawing of a small devil forcing his way out of a man’s mouth. When I first started writing it I would sing in a fake Leonard Cohen voice for effect.


-When I’m a Dead Boy
I would love for my ashes to be mixed into a bench that people are allowed to skate on. 


AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye (Official Video) from SideOneDummy on Vimeo.