ALPHA WOLF - weiterer neuer Song



ALPHA WOLF haben mit "Bleed 4 You" einen weiteren Song aus ihrem zweiten Album "A Quiet Place To Die" vorgestellt. Der zweite Longplayer der Metalcore Band erscheint am 25. September 2020 via Greyscale Records.  Mit der neuen Single haben sich ALPHA WOLF aus ihrer Komfortzone gewagt. Sabian Lynch reflektiert: 

"This song is a little out of our comfort zone but upon completion we feel we created something special. We’re not a band who wants to stick solely to one sound, we have a wide variety of influences and we want each song to stand up on its own. We initially had written pages of lyrics for this song. It seems most people have a story of meeting the exact right person at the exact wrong time, so there was no short supply of input. However the further we delved into the song, the more apparent it came that we didn’t need pages of lyrics, just a handful of the right words.  Originally the track was a lot heavier, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, but once we had the lyrical theme in mind we revisited the song and it evolved into something none of us expected."